Friday, December 30, 2005

1.90 - The One with the '05 year in review

In the spirit of the fabulous year in review shows on TV...I've decided to host my own...since I don't have the resources to broadcast it on air...this is the next best thing. So without further adieu...and in no particular order....this is how I will remember 2005.

  • Basketball - from coaching in a week long day camp, to doing freelance photography at Raptors games, to hitting that clutch 3 pointer in an important game, to making it to the championship game in our league (although we didn't was fun), to watching fellow Canadian Steve Nash tear up the 'L' and win the MVP and attending his charity game at the ACC...this game has brought great times and memories.

  • Golf - I was fortunate enough to be able to go out golfing with many different people and on many different course over the season. But I think taking my uncle from Hong Kong out for 18 was much fun to spend that time with him.

    The best hole: I birdied the par 3 #8 at the exclusive Dalewood Golf Course.
    Best shot: 310+ drive at hole #15 at Dalewood...I crushed the ball...went perfectly straight and carried over the creek giving me under 90 yards to the hole....I ended up paring the hole...ya i know...I still can't putt.

  • Movies - After a long wait, Star Wars Episode III was finally released and did not disappoint in my books. The action was great, dialog was horrific, but after Episode I & II...I didn't expect too much. So many good movies this DVD collection is growing too rapidly.

    Here are my awards:

    Movie of the Year: Batman Begins - a comic movie where you can watch it was a comic book and it great...and watch it as a regular movie and you'll get the same effect.
    Surprise Movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith - I went to see it as a turn off your brain shoot 'em up turned out a lot better than anticipated.
    Sleeper Movie: Four Brothers - so much action, so much emotion
    Best DVD: Sin City Recut & Extended
    Best Movie no one saw: tie: Unleashed - a Jet Li movie with a great story...lots of actionm but a story driven movie & Rent - so true to the Broadway musical
    Oh finally came out on DVD: Friends Season last my series is complete.

  • Music - Where do I start? This year I've seen my youth worship band grow musically and spiritually. It's been an amazing ride...these kids are so talented...although often criticized for the style and loudness of the music...they are never discouraged and just want to play and worship God. I've also had the priviledge of singing a solo in our spring canata, pariticpate in the Christmas one, recorded a few songs for a charity Christmas Album, and lead worship with another band at the Dock and Soulhouse Cafe.

    I hit a few concerts this year as well...the most memorable was Casting Crowns at Ontario Place with Starfield, Reuben Morgan at the Queensway, and Passion at Ricoh with Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall and David Crowder.

    Music awards?

    Rock Album of the Year: Green Day - American Idiot
    Rap Album of the Year: Kanye West - Late Registration
    Pop Album of the Year: Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
    Christian Album of the Year: Casting Crowns - Lifesong
    Worship Album of the Year: Chris Tomlin - Arriving
    Live Album of the Year: Alicia Keys - Unplugged
    Song of the Year: Coldplay - Fix You
    Album of the Year: Coldplay - X&Y

    ...and of course I can't mention music without saying something about karaoke Wednesdays at Shoeless Joe's. The other day I was late arriving because I was at the Raptors game...and when the DJ saw me coming...he said to me...I was wondering if you were going to show up. Glad to hear that we're missed...

  • Friends - it's been a year of old friends returning and making new friends. The friends that I have made, gotten to know better, and ones that have come back into my life has made this year amazing. I thank you all for the kindness and generosity that you have shown me...I hope that I have done the same...I love you all.

  • Family - It was great to see my uncle return to Canada after 4 years, and being able to spend time with us for a few weeks. Spending time with my brother and parents has always been taken for granted. But when you don't see them all the time...each time becomes a little more special.

And to end this year is my 2005 top 10 memories

10 - Casting Crowns concert at Ontario Place
09 - buying my iPod...ya i know that's cheesy...but I love my iPod
08- Freelance photography at the Raptors games
07 - Wednesday karaoke nights (the first night was stll the best one...)
06 - getting a job with no interview...just a call saying...I need a interested?
05 - golfing with my uncle from HK
04 - Ottawa trip
03 - Moving out of the homestead and into The Ranch
02 - leading worship at TNL, Sunday services, the Dock & Soulhouse Cafe
01 - all the great times with family and friends

I hope that your year was just as memorable as mine...I wish you a happy New Years...until next year...God Bless

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

1.89 - The One with the chase

So another year...another Christmas...and of go with that...Boxing Day. I'd like to meet the person who had the brilliant idea of having massive sales the day after Christmas. What were you thinking?!?! My family decided that it was a good idea to hit the Eaton Centre downtown TO...oh sure where the logic was behind that one...but I did come away with a bunch of stuff. I've never seen that mall as busy as it was...sure I've been there during the Christmas rush...but this was ridunkulous. There were stores that would only let a certain number of people in at a time...there were line ups OUTSIDE of the store waiting to get in...kinda like a VIP club. Foot Locker was nuts...the line for the checkout went all the way around the store. I had one item in my hand and it quickly went back on the shelf. After hours of shopping we ended up at the theatre to see King Kong...good movie...long...but worth the $9 my brother paid for the admission.

The best storey of the day...while linning up at Freshly Squeezed we were perhaps 10th in line. The line was moving well...all of a sudden there was some screaming and yelling....I looked towards the comotion and out of nowhere some guy was tearing down the mall with about 8 security officers chasing him. I don't know what happened next...but the line in front of me evaporated and I got my smoothie...mmmm...banana, strawberry and mango...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

1.88 - The One with the Christmas Dinner

When you think of Christmas Dinner the first things that come to mind are turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. So today being'd think we'd have a traditional dinner. Nope...I'm currently writing this from my uncle's house in TO...we just finished dinner and it was no where close to being a traditional Christmas meal. Being Chinese has its advantages in the vast variety of food that I encounter....we had a Hot Pot with beef, shrimp, noodles, deep fried tofu, and the like. for some dim sum for breakfast...and most likely banquet type of dinner in the evening. If that doesn't make your mouth're missing out.

Friday, December 23, 2005

1.87 - The One with the Yuletide

Ok...remember when I said it would be a White Christmas? started to rain today...and supposed to rain all the way until Christmas. Not the way a Canadian should spend their's hoping for some light snow.

This past week has been crazy...but full of fun...we'll start off with the great party at Trav-Who's...ahhh hot tub outside in the winter...good times. Went to a screening of Narnia on Sunday...great movie...very true to the book...much better than the BBC rendition that I watched in grade 4. Christmas Carolling in the cold windy night on Monday...Tuesday we had our office Christmas lunch...Wednesday was karaoke night...always a good time. Thursday...the highlight so far this week...I went into TO to visit Emily and we went for sushi...oh so good....although it took Rebecca and I about 2 hours to get back from downtown to home. Oh well...I was in good company.

Merry Christmas to all and I wish you all have a great time with friends and family...and don't forget the real reason for the season...

Friday, December 16, 2005

1.86 - The One with the 50/50 chance

Earlier this fall...some weather guy predicted that we had a 50/50 chance of snow for Christmas...this is what it looks like outside...

with under 9 days to go...I think it's a safe bet that we will have a white Christmas in this winter wonderland.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

1.85 - The One with the lighter wallet

Just wanted to let you all know...I'm done my Christmas shopping...that's right done...10 days before...of course I'll prolly go get some more stuff for myself...but that's a given. For those that have been finished for a long time...well...good for you...for those who aren't done...have fun and good luck.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

1.84 - The One with the mistaken identity

Last night I decided to be creative in the kitchen and create a 3 layered Jello bowl for snack tonight at work. How hard can it be? Jello has got to be the easiest thing to make in the world. So layer one...cherry flavour...mmmmm. Let that set for a few hours and then pour in layer two....lime flavour. I was running out of time so i left out layer 3 to set in room hour later I poured in layer 3...lemon flavour. Then I decided to be really ambitious and placed some of the fruit salad that I made in earlier. Kiwi, strawberries, apples, and clemintines...ya...bad idea. When I came into work today...16 hours'd think that the Jello would have set...nope...I guess that combination of fruit just doesn't let the jello set. So I officially screwed up Jello...I suppose I should stick to shrimp skewers, terriyaki chicken, grilled slamon, and filet minon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

1.83 - The One with the tag

After a warning...Lesley "tagged" me...I'm supposed to write out 10 random facts about me and then tag others and have them do the same. I'm a good sport so I'll play we go...prepare to be amazed:

  1. I lived in Saskatoon for 13 years...more than 1/2 my life. The other half was spent in Toronto and the Metropolis of Cobourg...where I am now.
  2. You know when old people say that when they went to school and they walked up hill both ways with snow up to their knees?'s true...there was a little valley between me and my I litereally walked up both ways...snow in Saskatoon is crazy...and at times it could be up to your knees...
  3. When I was doing some freelance photography at the Raptors vs. Miami game last year...the 7'1", 325 lbs, size 22 shoe of Shaquille O' Neal came mighty close to flattening me when he tumbled out of bounds into the photographers pit.
  4. I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD.
  5. I only know how to play chords on the guitar...I don't really know which fret is which note.
  6. I know how to waltz, do the fox trot, 2-step and yes...even the polka.
  7. 90% of the people that know me do not call me by my real name.
  8. I've flown across both of the major oceans.
  9. I have big feet for my height. I'm 5'10", 150lbs and I wear size 10.5-11 shoes. You know what they say about guys that have big feet....they have really big shoes.
  10. I collect and wear jerseys because they look nice...not just because I like the team.
  11. Here's a bonus music collection is extremely eclectic. I have everything from Desinty's Child to Metallica to 50 Cent to Dave Matthews to Michael Buble to delirious to Eminem to Mozart to Chris Tomlin to Outkast to Green Day to Backstreet Boys. I draw the line at country...sorry I just can't handle it.

so? did you learn something new? Or did this give you an epiphany?

I tag:

Jon although he probably won't do this....
and Rick....cuz I can

and I can't forget Robin

1.82 - The One with the 6 month wait

If you haven't figured it out already...I'm a movie buff...I enjoy movies alot...I have alot of movies...I watch alot of movies...I even buy alot of movies...not as much as Otter...but that's another story for another time. Today my brother sent me this link...needless to say...I am excited about this movie...even more so now. But alas...I must be patient and wait.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lelsey and Manda!! We'll party it up on Wednesday..."up da house..." right Manda?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

1.81 - The One with the pre-emtive strike

Lesley, Big D and I took a trip to The O.C. today to do a little Christmas I've said before that I'm a shoppers shopper. I find great deals and buy stuff. Today's purpose was to start our Christmas shopping...Big D got some stuff for his brother...I got presents for 5 people on my list...PLUS I bought new shoes and a few movies that the price was so good I couldn't resist. Lesley...I don't think she bought anything other than for herself. She sure looked hard for things to buy...but just wasn't feeling it. Don't you love that about Christmas Shopping? I usually come back with more gifts for me than for other people. But it was a good start....

Didn't make it rock climbing due to circumstances beyond my control...which I wasn't too pleased about...sorry AJ and Rebecca...hope you had fun...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

1.80 - The One with the move

What a day...first off I had to sign all the Christmas Cards for work....I cheated and ran them through a printer...then it was off to Amberley's to help her move her stuff to her new apartment...I think we did pretty good. 2 trips with a truck, a SUV and a mini van. I think it took us only 3 hours to complete the job. After that Big D and I went over to the pool hall here I humbled him 6 games to none. And of course...Wednesday would not be complete without some karaoke...complete with thumbwars, beer spilt on my camera, and Amberley actually getting up and "singing" Let's Get is Started with us. Now we just have to work on Steve and Manda to sing a song...

Next up...Staff Party tonight and Rock Climbing tomorrow in TO...

Steve & Travis

Travis with his good friends

Amberley, Travis & Steve

The Crilly's with Manda & Lesley

Jen, Jon & Dalton

you're so pretty Steve...

Big D

Danny boy

Ams "singing" with the boys

Manda & Jon


Ain't No Mountian High Enough

Titus & Amberley

I've had the Time of my Life
***My bad...Manda did sing YMCA with're next

Sunday, November 27, 2005

1.79 - The One with the musical life

After just seeing Rent on the silver screen...Jon brought up a great point on how he would be so happy if life could be a big musical. You could just break out in song randomly...dancing...people would join in...and when the number was done...everyone would just go about their way.

Oh and I wanna say kudos to Emily for finally putting up a blog...yes this is the same Emily that's our friendly neighbourhood oompa loompa.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

1.78 - The One with the barn of bulk

It's been about 3-4 months since I strolled through our sad sad little mall to goto one of the few stores that I shop at just to be greeted with a closed door. WHAT?!?! How could they close the Bulk Barn? Then I learned that they were moving to a new location but it wouldn't be openned until November. So I'm pateintly waiting for it to show my dismay it never opeened up in November...they started construction though. But TODAY...was the Grand Openning...and true to the fashion of small towns...everybody decided to show up. Even though its not really a new phenomenon...the store was packed and the

Needless to say I only dropped $20 on stuff...which will keep me satisfied for a week or so...just aslong as the kid doesn't come aong and consume it all. Lesson learned...if you have patience...good things bulk.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1.77 - The One with the "X"

Last night we went to Passion Toronto at the Ricoh Colissieum. Charlie Hall, Chris Tomlin and David Crowder lead worship at different times with Louie Giglio doing a little talk. He spoke on the greatness of God and how small we are. Louie then went on to show us some pictures of space and the galaxy's that are around us. There was one particular image that he showed from the Hubble Telescope website that totaly blew me away. It's called "X" Structure at Core of M51 Whirlpool Galaxy.

How great is our God, sing with me,
How great is our God, all will see
How great, how great is our God.

Monday, November 21, 2005

1.76 - The One with the excercise ball

Last night I ended up at Lesley's place with the gang to watch the Christmas classic "Elf"...and did it ever get us in the Christmas spirit...c'mon...who couldn't get into the mood with Will Farrell as Buddy the Elf prancing around NYC...Christmas karaoke on the bonus DVD...and watching Lesley almost break down crying.

We finally figured out why we keep Amanda around with us...she is solely there to look pretty and be our comedic relief. The other night at Rebecca's she decided to try to kneel and balance herself on an excercise didn't quite work out the way she had planned see...balance is one of those things Amanda has trouble with at times. Needless to say...the ball flew forward...and she flew backwards. To my dismay I had left early to get to work. Lesley has an excerise ball that she uses for her computer before Amanda left last night I said, "betcha can't balance on the excersie ball..."

To make a long story short...she tried...with everyone watching...her fly off the ball...yet again. Here's the one got up to see if she was ok...we just pointed and's ok..she was laughing too...

sorry Manda...I love you...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

1.75 - The One with option 3

ahhhh...snow...oh how I didn't miss you. It started to snow didn't stay...but today...that's a different story. I was at Lesley's in the early afternoon and forgot that I put the snow brush in the suv...not the car...and I drove the car. So...upon leaving there was a nice layer of ice that built up on the back window under the snow. No brush...and no scraper. My options were limited:

  1. brush it off with my sleeve
  2. take out the plastic cards and start chipping away
  3. leave it and let the defrost melt it away

By the time I made it to WalMart the snow melted off the window...lesson patient enough and the snow will just disappear.

The snow did make me get into the Christmas seems like this year that Christmas just came all of a we didn't know it was going to come. I know that the malls already have their decorations up and that we can go see Santa at your local mall soon...but I guess I wasn't ready for it yet. Funny how something like snow can change your perspective on things. Oh ya...for those of you who can't figure out what to get me for Christmas...I've stopped buying dvd's...and have made a wish list for your convenience.

The best part of the day? Sitting in Rebecca's hot tub...makes up for the cold snow...but at least I'm not in Saskatoon where I hear it was -20 ish this past week...but that day will come...until then...I'll enjoy this mild +1 weather.

Happy Thanksgiving to those south of the boarder...I wonder if they celebrate it back in England? ya...we lost the colonies...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

1.74 - The One with the Tin Roof...rustin'

yet another night of karaoke...I don't want to sound vain...or too prideful...but honestly...some of the other people that are there doing karaoke...can't sing...whatsoever. I applaud them for getting up there and singing...but if you KNOW...that you can't sing like Kelly Clarkson...then don't go up there and pick her song and totally butcher it. Also...why does every other song have to be a country song? and not JUST a country song...a really bad redition of an even worse counrty song? Ams was ready to puke...and I was gonna be there to fling it...mmmmm...but no puking at Shoeless Joe's...there's an enitre episode about that...with Ryan...something I made him drink made him spew at SJ's.

The night did start off a little slow...but boy did it ever pick up at the end...I didn't think Jonny could hit those high notes in Pappa was a Rolling Stone...or that I could hit those falsetto notes for The Still of the Night. Big props to Trav-who for getting up there...for the first time...and doing a fabulous job of Drift Away. But the best was Lesley and Dalton's rendition of Love Shack...simply specatular. I think next week we have to dig into the late 90's pop again and bring the house down. Nothing has beat that yet...

wow...I've posted 3 consecutive times about karaoke...yikes

Monday, November 14, 2005

1.73 - The One with the hype

One thing about a good story...the more you tell it...or even hear it you just don't tired of it. You even get exctied when it's being THE karaoke story has been told, re-told, and I'm sure being told by people who weren't even there. We've told this story so much that it's generated so much hype...and even a small following. By Wednesday night...if and only IF people really decide to show up...we would double...possibly triple our numbers for karaoke night. I think Dan is taking this a little too seriously...he's already 'practicing' songs to sing...Dalton is thinking of how we can get paid for singing...I think Jon is still in amazement that we pulled it off...and I can't say I haven't thought about some songs...but practicing...I'm not on that boat yet. Now our job is to live up to the hype that we've built up...

9 pm...Wednesday night...Shoeless Joe's in C-Dot...see ya there

Thursday, November 10, 2005

1.72 - The One when the street is back

Last night started with some potential and ended with a bang...first off we hit the Manafest show in good ole Port Hope...I felt so old many little kids...

Then we ended up at Shoeless Joe's not knowing it was karaoke night. It's been awhile since I've done karaoke...and the people that I was with couldn't wait to sing. But of course there are those that refused to sing no matter how much we Dalton, Dan, Jon and myself got up there to show them how it was done. We did a variety of songs through the night...but the showstoppers were our Backstreet Boys renditions. We started the night off with I Want it That Way, and ended the night with Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely. Just as we finished off our last song...the DJ told us that we needed to sing one more...but it was his pick. A little worried we agreed...he picked Everybody (Backstreet's Back) for us to sing...the crowd went nuts and in true karaoke fashion we sang our hearts out...danced...and I'm sure would have broke many a young girls heart back in the day. The applause was something else...never have I been applauded for singing a Backstreet Boys song...well I guess I know what I'm going to be doing on Wednesday nights...

Backstreet's back...alright

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1.71 - The One with the extras

The hot topic around the table at Timmy Ho's last night was concerning sizes and the word extra. When you stick 'extra' in front of large...the item is larger than large. But when you place 'extra' in front of's smaller than small. So...what happens when you out 'extra' in front of medium? Extra it larger? or smaller? OR...because it's the medium does it just stay the same?

Monday, November 07, 2005

1.70 - The One with the stop

Ask anyone that knows me...I'm a shopper...let me loose in a mall with a bunch of money and I'll come back with some pretty good deals. I'm also the one that you don't bring shopping IF you don't want to buy anything. I tend to be able to sell you anything that you like...from a shirt to something a little more expensive and shiny...(right Rebecca?)

Now that the Christmas shopping season is upon us...there is one thing I beg of you not to do. I won't tell you not to spend lots money on your loved ones...'cuz I do that...I won't tell you not to buy novelty gifts that really don't do anything buy look pretty...'cuz I do that also. Please...please...when you're out in the considerate to the fellow shoppers around you. Be aware...this time of year...there's more people than normal at the malls. So don't stop walking in the middle of the mall and have people behind you try desperately to avoid running you over. It's kinda like when there's a car infront of you on the one is infront of one else is around them...and they decide to hit the breaks....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

1.69 - The One with the REAL oompa loompa

If you've been an avid reader of my may remember episode
1.51 - The One with the oompa loompa...where my friend Emily was refered to ever so quaintly as "cute as an oompa loompa." Personally I think they are kinda wierd looking and freaky...but this guy (we'll call him Willy Wonka) just thought that it was a compliment. Well...this past weekend was Halloween so Emily decided to play the fact that she is in fact an oompa loompa...and a fabulous one she turned out to be... as the night progresses...she actually runs into Willy Wonka and he marvels at her costume. I must agree...she does look the part...small and freaky...what puzzles our oompa loompa is that Willy doesn't really say anything but what a great costume it is. Sunday rolls around and she see Willy again who empahsizes the fact that he loved her costume. He does wonder what gave her the she tells him a lottle story about a guy who walked her home one night and told her that she was small and cute like an oompa loompa. Poor guy just listened and didn't even clue in...I guess Willy has a short memory...too much candy...

Monday, October 31, 2005

1.68 - The One with the unwanted help

I take pride in what I do...whether its my job(s), or playing's something I do well...or at least I think I do it well. I believe that I hold a certain degree of competence that allows me to perform whatever tasks that are before me. But there are those who always think they know better or more than you no matter how long you've worked there...or how much training, education you have....for example:

On Friday I was putting those felt pads on the bottom of the kitchen chairs at work...I was nailing them in for them to stay on. The chairs get used and abused more so then anything that you'd ever to ensure that these pads would stay...I had to nail them in. This lady was there...never seen her in my life...doesn't work there...just watched me for awhile...and then made a comment about how stupid it was to nail the pads in. usually I wouldn't really care what people say...but she had this nasty voice...all high and mighty. So my co-workers explained to her that this need to be done...but she still said that it was over doing it...

Now on Sunday morning...I was playing guitar during the services...and plugged it into the PA system...did my sound check and everything before hand. When it came time to play...the soundguy forgot to turn my guitar I talked to him later and he said it was his mistake. Some other man was listening into our conversation and siad in a snarly voice..."you're guitar was plenty was blarring..." and the soundguy kinda just looked at him...turned and continued on our conversation.

So what is I have this big sign above me requesting for unwanted opinions or comments from people that have no relevance to me? I need someone to help me turn it off...any takers?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

1.67 - The One with the needs

when Lesley tells me I need to try something...she's usually right. This time is was to type "[your name] needs" and pick out your favourites and post them. She did it...and now its my here it goes:

Titus needs a stitter on short notice
Titus needs to assert his authority
Titus needs little explanation (that's right)
Titus needs to beef up their current line up of products
Titus needs to bring a Condo plat for a Conditional Use (what's a condo plat?)
Titus needs a learning boost (ouch...very ouch)
Titus needs state of theart sound equipment (and then some)
Titus needs some binoculars so if anyone has an extra pair...
Titus needs to remain
Titus needs to retire (I must agree)

Friday, October 28, 2005

1.66 - The One with the meat eating vegetarian

I was given a shocking revelation friend Emilie...once a that really believed in it...once tried to convert me...has turn her back on the veggies and decided to eat meat. This blew my mind...the fact that she didn't really tell me until she asked me what she should make for dinner. When she finally decided on made me wonder...ummm I thought chicken was meat. Oh ya...I converted...I've decided that meat tastes too good. Well then...that sounded like my arguement for NOT being a vegetarian...when will these people learn? At least we got one back...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

1.65 - The One with the Polka dot socks

well it's that time of year again...when all the leaves turn all different colours...and decide that they want to fall off the branches. When I lived in Saskatoon...we used to have tons of trees in our yard...not only did we have trees in our yard...but all of our neighbours had tons of trees and of course when they fall...they decided to fall into our yard...guess who had the joyous task of raking them up? When we moved to Ontario...we had no trees in our yard...and out neighbours had no leaves to rake. I was happy....but now that I've moved into the Ranch...leaves and showing up in droves...its like they are coming back to see me since they've been out of my life for so long. Everyday I rake...and more and more show up the following day. It doesn't help that it's been so rainy and windy all week.

So my role as the soccer mom has really taken into effect...I was set to pick up J-Ray @ school to take him to his math tutor...and about 10 minutes before I was about to leave I got a phone call from Ola..."Yo're heading into TCS to get J-Ray right? Can you pick up me and Chan at Wal-Mart and take us back to the school?" What do you think I am? A taxi? I suppose so...

D-Ray came back to the Ranch the other day and was trying to figure out which credit card was paying for his internet in Hamilton...we went through a bunch of credit card statements and bills...and couldn't find a thing...we were trying to logically think of how this bill was being paid...Amberley came in and offered her expert advice and said, "...yes...but do you have polka dot socks?" No we did's a shame...I guess we're stuck...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

1.64 - The One with the inappropriate comments

It's around supper time and when the phone rings...and the long distance ring tone goes check the call display and it says unknown name and unknown KNOW its a telemarketer. So I pick up the phone...hello?!? No answer...then: hello name is Ja'mal and I'm calling from the Toronto Sun. I would like to tell you...blah blah blah (this is when I tune out). To which I reply, "Well Ja' called me last week and the week before that...and I answered you the same each time...wy would you think that I'd change my mind? make your job about I make you a deal? If I want to subscribe to you're paper I'll call Great...have a good night..."

Now I have a friend...let's call her Monica...cuz that's her name. She tends not to think before speaks...she's trying hard to fix that...but it's not really working that well. he other day she says to Ryan's mom, "I'm not sure why Ryan had such a weight're really little and your husband is a toohpick." Ryan's mom kinda just stared...not sure whether or not to take that as a compliment or whatever it was. Just this past Sunday...a bunch of us when out after church for food...we were talking about how Monica needs to start thinking before she speaks...and she wholeheartedly agreed. Not even 2 minutes later...she pipes up and says, "I need to shave my arms..."

ya...too much information

Friday, October 14, 2005

1.63 - The One with the Champagne & Strawberries

It appears that I'm a legal guardian for J-Ray...didn't know it at first...I kept on getting e-mails and regular snail mail from his boarding school addressed to me. So I asked him when he was home for Thanksgiving...he tells me that D-Ray and myself are his legal guardians for this this means I get the privledges that that title entails. Including an invitation to his graduation in the fall. Yes I know its October...they just want to let you know ahead of time so you can plan to attend. They also sent a schedule of events...buffet luncheon for the students and family (that's me)....Champagne and Strawberries - exclusively for the students and their families (that's me too). I don't think we had any food or a reception at my highschool grad...maybe we did...but for sure during my college grad we didn't. That's what you get for not going to a prep school...

Monday, October 10, 2005

1.62 - The One with the ugly bird

Ever wonder why we only have turkey on special occasions? It's not like chicken where we can consume it about 10 times a week and never really really get sick of it...don't get me wrong...I love eating tastes soooo good. But we don't have turkey every week...well maybe you get the cold cuts and stick it in your sandwich...but we don't go out and get turkey wings, turkey breast, turkey come? I know it's expensive...but so is steak...and fish...

One more can something so ugly taste oh so good?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1.61 - The One with the intoxicated golfer

The sign read "No Alcoholic beverages allowed on golf course at anytime." Ok...that's fine with me...not sure how getting drunk would improve your golf game. I was out with Phil golfing on Saturday and we were partnered up with a guy who's friend's didn't show up so he needed playing partners. Fine by me...I usually play better with people I've never met so hopefully that this would be the same. This guy said he had to take 2 buses and a cab to get to the golf course...and he wasn't too pleased with the no alcohol sign...because he had 6 beers in his bag. He obvioulsy had already started to could smell it on his breath...his speech was already slurred...and this was 2pm. So we tee off on the first hole...I drive it about 280...Phil follows up with about 260...and our drunk partner...7 yards...I think...not even past the ladies tees. Great...this is gonna be a looooonnnngggg round of golf.

By hole 6 this guy had already drank 4 of his 6 Phil said he saw him pull out a small bottle of was one of the worst rounds of golf I've ever seen anyone play....and I've played many bad rounds...and been with my friends who don't ever play...and they did better. So where is the logic in being drunk and playing sports? Especially golf?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

1.60 - The One with the missing angel

I got a strange phone call last night...obviously it was a wrong number...but it was fun to talk to this person anywayz...this is how it went down...



a sultry female voice says: "hi angel..."

I'm trying to figure out which one of my friends would call me that...I'm I play along...and I reply:


"ya know what?"


"yes you do..."

still not sure who this is
"no...really I don't"

"I don't want you to leave.."

at this point I'm pretty sure that I don't know the person on the other end...

"I don't think I'm your angel.."

"yes you are..."

"nope...and I'm pretty sure that you have the wrong

"no...quit playing..."

"sorry girl...I'm not've really got the wrong person...but good luck with that.."

" this 905-***-****?"

"no...sorry...have a good night"

"oh I'm so sorry..."

"that's alright...g'bye"

well it was fun while it lasted...but too bad I don't have any friends that call me angel...I have to have complete strangers call me up to say that to me.

Friday, September 30, 2005

1.59 - The One where September Ends

What a month...when it started there was much optimisim...a fresh start to the new school year (even though I'm not in DID mean a new season of youth group). Many plans were implemented with high hopes...some were achieved...some were not...many were postponed or just not carried out. Unexpected changes happened...mainly for the good...some...not as good. Good times were had...and some noy so good times as well. It's just been one of those enotional rollercoaster months...oh ya...they finally fixed my interent @ home

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my fathers come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

Now that I still have your attention...please pray for a couple of my of them...her father has just been diagnoised with Parkinson's...pray that their family would be able to come together in this time. And the other...well I got a phone call today...apparently she went missing last night in TO...pray that she's safe and will be able to come home.


my friend is home safe...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

1.58 - The One with the same time slot

I don't watch a lot of TV...besides SportsCentre and almost any professional sporting event that happens to be on TV. But there are only a handful of shows I like to watch in primetime. Now you'd think that they would be on different nights...different times and on different networks? But of course...nothing is really THAT easy. I have to pick 3 shows that are on different networks...on the same night...and on the same time. It's a good thing that I have a satellite dish and a VCR...too bad you can't get TiVo in Canada...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1.57 - The One with the rollercoaster weekend

What a weekend...Friday night we went up to Dave n Buster's to party is up for Chris' 26th birthday. Dave n Buster's was fun as always...but dinenr at Sam and Pete' food was good...but the service was just ridunkulous. The only other time I had service this slow was at Rebecca's birthday party earlier this year. What's with a big group of 20 something's a poor service? We ordered drinks, aps, tons of food and we had lots of money to spend...the waitress got a pretty measly tip.

Oh...and my internet situation...went from bad to fixed to my cable modem went offline...and they're not coming until Friday to fix it...I called on Saturday...I love this service.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

1.56 - The One with the extra security

I picked up The Longest Yard on DVD today...and I had a little more trouble openning it than usual. As you know when you buy a new DVD they are shrink they have those annoying stickers on all sides of the package for "security purposes". Oh and they have those magnetic things inside that need to be demagnetized in order for you to walk through the doors. Now I'm taking off the plastic wrap...then the stickers...and I notice the one on the side where you open the DVD case is reads SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED. and in small letters underneath: To Open: Remove this Label, Tabs, Twist off & Discard. It was arrows pointing to the tabs that are on the side of the DVD case. I'm not sure why they put them there...its just another thing to remove from the secure do they need to make the DVD case? If someone was wanting to steal the DVD...I'm sure that they would find a way to do they think that by adding 2 tabs that are part of the case will deter a potential thief? Or...perhaps its a child proof DVD case....whatever it me...its annoying...

for those who are keeping internet is still buggy...waiting until Friday....

Sunday, September 18, 2005

1.55 - The One where the packet is lost

I’ve had a pretty frustrating week with my ISP…my internet connection has been dropping in and out like fish out of water. When you pay $50 for cable internet…you expect to have cable internet speed…and the stability of having it on all the time. You can browse…download…upload… cable speed. But for the past week I’ve been browsing at 56k speed and when I’m in the middle of something…the connection cuts out. So I call my ISP…they run a couple remote tests and say that I’m having a problem with my connection…YOU DON’T SAY…they send someone out to take a look…he fixes something outside of the house…saying that a cable was loose and that should fix it. Ok….the connection seems to be fine…but the next day…same thing…so I call them back…they run the same remote tests and give me the same stupid answer. Uh sir…there’s a large packet loss and that shouldn’t be happening…NO KIDDING…the earliest we can have someone out is Friday…all of our techs are booked until then. WHAT!?!?!? I live in a 15,000 population town…how can you be booked up so much? Whatever…this is RIDUNKULOUS…I love paying for a service that does work.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

1.54 - The One with the Phantom purchases

Credit card fraud happens everyday…and I am now an official member of the credit card fraud victims club. I purchase stuff online on a frequent basis and use my credit cards for those…I rarely whip out my card and pay for stuff in the real world with it…but is that where I was victimized? Nope…figures…the time I pull out my Visa and physically use it…I’m a victim of credit card fraud. Some yahoo decides that he/she wants to use my card to buy gas in Ottawa…problem is for me…I’m not in Ottawa…haven’t been there since July. So they get my Visa number and hold onto it until September 6, where they spent $67.02 on gas. Then they used it the following day to buy another $74.04 worth of gas. I know the gas prices have been really high…but suck it up and spend your own money. Well I called Visa to report it and they ask me about 10 verification questions…to make sure I am who I claim to be…they cancel my Visa number…take those purchases off my card…and tell me that they will investigate it. I hope they catch them…

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

1.53 - The One with the bubble know when they say so and so can sleep and even if a train came through the room they would never wake up? Apparently that's me...and everyone else that lives at the Ranch...last neighbour across the street had a fire in their garage...and I guess there were about 3-4 fire trucks there sirens blarring at about 3:00am. Me and the rest of my clan sleep right through it...mind you all of our rooms are at the back of the house...but still...those fire trucks are pretty loud. I suppose we live in a bubble...

The family is safe...they are staying in a hotel nearby...but their garage had a lot of damage to it. It didn't help that there were vines all along the outside...I was tld they had to make a hole in the roof to let all the smoke out. D-Ray and I didn't even know until this morning when we looked across the must be the bubble.

Friday, September 02, 2005

1.52 - The One with the spur of the moment

Yesterday is was Staff Appreciation Day for our district...fellow workers from Kingston, Peterborough and Cobourg gathered for day of fun, games, speakers and of We aslo had a time of worship through music...and this is how it went down...

Di called me on Monday as I'm coming off the 18th green at Ashbrook Golf Course in a panic. "Hey T...I need a favour...You're going to be there on Thursday right?" I'm thinking to myself...great...whenever Di asks for a favour I know she's in way over her head. "The worship band that's supposed to be playing on Thursday can't do it anymore... " what does that have to do with me? "Can you play?" Ummmm...I suppose "Great! But there's a need to put a band together...."

So now I have this impossible task of putting together a band in under 72 like an agent I get on my phone and start making calls. The hardest thing to do is to find people that can play music, feel comfortable playing in front of people...and also have to be good enough to do it with next to no time to practice...oh ya...and they SHOULD be employees that will be there at the appreciation day. I already had a pianist that could sing...thanks Jen...the drummer I wanted couldn't be there, no lead bassist. So you can imagine I'm getting a little stressed about this...Lesley found me another singer...but still no drummer. I can handle no other guitarist and no bassist...but I really need a drummer to put it all together. Wednesday rolls around and still nothing...I made a call to the place where we were to play to inquire about what equipment I needed to rent...the sound guy Josh said nothing...everything is there that I needed. Then I asked if there was anyone there that could play drums...he replied, "I play drums...I can play for you." SWEEEEEEET...I now had my band.

As we got on stage on Thursday I addressed the crowd and introduced ourselves as 'Spur of the Moment' and went on to lead was a God moment for sure. Although we didn't get to practice much (I think 15 minutes) I thought we sounded pretty good...and to see the crowd sing back and engulf themselves in worshiping God, it was awesome. It's amazing what God can do when you think it is impossible.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

1.51 - The One with the oompa loompa

My friend Emily moved to Halifax at the beginning of August to do her Masters Degree at Dalhousie University. Settling into a new city, new life takes a little time...but it has been a good ride so I'm told...she's full of stories but this one is by far the best one. Now before you read this there a few things you need to know about Emily...

#1. She's a very go get'em type of girl
#2. she's stands a mamoth 5'1"
#3. she can be very very very cynical...
#4. sarcasm is her best friend

This is how she told it to me....and yes I asked for permission to blog about it...

After a night out with some new people I met...I get up to leave and a guy I haven't talked to all night or even met introduces himself..." name is Tom, I didn't get to meet you." (except I thought he said Dave to begin with...)

So I'm walking out and we chat a bit...then he gets held up so I just keep going...cuz its getting later and I don't know the neighbourhood. I start down the stairs and he's life "Hey!" (as in 'hi', 'hello'...not the stuff that horses eat) "Are you walking home?" Of course I am, so we walk together and we talk...blah, blah, blah. Anyway the guy walks me home, which for the first time in my life I really appreciate because I was a little nervous about the neighbourhood.

The best part of the night is when I think he tried to compliment me...oiy. We were walking along and he asked me how tall I was (*sigh* when will it ever NOT matter?). Then he said he thought that it was great that I was 5'1"...then he said he liked little people...and THEN...this is the best part...he said little people are like oompa loompas.

Wow...this guy is a winner... I personally can't wait till they get married so we can sing the oompa loompa song when she walks down the aisle. I've always wondered what oompa loompas did when they weren't working for Willy we know

Saturday, August 27, 2005

1.50 - The One with the man from UNCLE

My uncle Wil flew back rom HK last night and I went to the airport to pick him up with my other uncle Andy. Now prior to this...I told U-Wil that I couldn't pick him up cuz I had to work the graveyard shift and time would be a problem. But I decided to go anywayz...and U-Wil had no idea I was coming. He was just expecting patenitly waiting with U-And...U-Wil finally emerges from the large double doors from baggage claim and U-And waves him down...U-Wil sees him and moes towards him. Now I come out from the crowd and walk in front of U-And so that U-Wil could see me. BUT...U-Wil walks right by me...right to U-And. I turn and watch U-Wil start talking a mile a minute while U-And is watching me laughing. U-Wil wonders what U-And is laughing at and he points me out. The look on U-Wil's face was priceless...I guess a person changes after four years...well U-Wil looks the same...but apparently I changed alot...wait till he sees my brother.

Oh and a side note...I've been to the airport aout 6+ times this year...either to drop off or pick up...NEVER to go I come...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1.49 - The One with the book of wishes

Every year Sears puts out its annual Wish Book Catalog full of Christmas ideas for people to decide what to spend their money on. The first 100 pages usually contain gift ideas for prices under $100 - $10. This is put into little sections depending on the price range...some of the stuff in there is utterly ridunkulous...others...well I suppose if its in the catalog...someone will buy it. The rest of the Wish Book, like many other catalogs it split up into the different sections for your reading pleasure.

Now I used to be excited when the Wish Book arrived at my doorstep...even the year I delivered them in the blistering cold. But it seems that it arrives earlier and earlier each year. It used to be on the doorstep on November 1st...right after you get your candy out and sit infront of the Wish Book memorizing the item numbers so you can tell your parents/grandparents what you wanted. Then one fateful showed up in early October. That's ok I thought...only a month early. The following year it showed up just after school started again in the fall. This year it arrived today...that's right...August the 24th, 2005. Instead of it being +5 celcius and winter fast approaching...its a sunny 25 degrees snow in sight...and don't want to be reminded of winter just yet. But Sears has decided that they need to kick start the Holiday Season 4 1/2 months in advance...

oh...btw: page #1011, item # O61538271...just incase you were wondering

Sunday, August 21, 2005

1.48 - The one with the Encounter

It's been awhile since I've been to Ontario Place...I couldn't remember what there was to do there...all I remembered was that there was a pretty cool mini putt course, and boats that you could race around a large Navy Ship that was on display. To my dismay...the Navy Ship was no longer no boats to race around...BUT the mini putt was there. I shot 4 over par...mainly cuz every hole was a par 2. Usually there are par 3's...oh well. I quickly discovered that what I remembered about Ontario Place was better in my mind than what was actually there. Kind of like those old TV shows we used to Transformers, GI Joe, Astro Boy, Full House (yes I know you watched it...if I can admit can to0)...always better as a memory...if you watch them realize how cheesy they were.

The other reason we were there was for Encounter 2005...basically Christian day at the park...which was awesome. There were bands that played on 3 different stages all day...headlined by 2 of my favourite bands: Starfield and Casting Crowns. The last concert with those two bands was just incredible...Casting Crowns played their new single Lifesong...I can't wait to learn it and play it. The new CD drops on August 30th...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

1.47 - The one with the interviews

I'm an avid sports I like watching SportsCenter and the like to see highlights of the night or what happened the day before. One thing that strikes me is the lack of vocabulary with most athletes. Now of course there are exceptions to that have people like Shaq, Terrel Owens & Jeremy Roenick who like to speak their mind and aren't afraid to say anything. But going back to the not so articulate ones...the words most often heard are 'ummm', 'uhhh', 'like', 'ya'. Then there are the ever popular sports cliches: 'it was a team effort', 'we gave it our 110%', 'coach told us during the timeout...'.

My personal favourite is when they combine a cliche with one of their vocabulary words...'When its all said and done...uhhhh...'

Thursday, August 11, 2005

1.46 - The one with the backup

There's a Liquidation place in town where there is a huge lineup every Thursday morning. People start arriving 45 minutes to an hour before the place opens at 10. Now this store only opens Thursdays through to Saturday...but they get so much buiness those days that they are pretty much out of stock by the time closing time arrives on Saturday. You know you live in a small town when everybody knows someone that is in the line faithfully every Thursday just before openning....waiting to see what new stock has come in so that they can spend their hard earned money on stuff that has been liquidated from someplace. Now I'm not saying that the stuff is neccesarily bad quality...I go in there to puruse every so often...but I'm one of those people that would rather buy it new than liquidated. Everytime I go in there I usually see something that I'd like to get...but to get it brand spankin''s usually $5-10 more.

The pump on the toilet in the washroom downstairs at work decided to stop working the other it flooded and backed up...the smell was just great...all of a sudden cleaning out the eavestroughs outside didn't seem like such a painstaking task anymore...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1.45 - The One with the bad habits

For the last couple days at work I've been training the 'new guy' on the ins and outs of's a good thing that he catches on quick and understands the nature of the job. Cuz I'm not really sure how well I'm really training the poor guy. Once you've settled into a job you tend to develop habits good or bad and stick with them to get the job done. I'm hoping that I haven't been teaching my habits that waiver a little off how the protocols are. The same goes with me coaching at a basketball camp this week...but at least with basketball...there are less rules and regulations...and it won't give you a brain cramp when you think about those things.

The street outside where I work is under construction so traffic on it has been very I saw about 4 seniors take full advantage of this by going up and down the street on their old people scooters...ya know...the red ones that have 3-4 wheels, goes about 5 mph [thats 8.06 km/h, 440 ft/m, 2.24 meters/sec., 4.35 knots, and mach .01] and have that sweet basket in front with their orange bicycle flag waving in the wind? I need to get my hands on one of those and race them.

One last though of the day...before my brain cramps up...ever try fighting to stay awake at school or work when someone is trying to talk to you?


Monday, August 08, 2005

1.44 - The One with the Return of the AJ

After travelling most of the day with Oshawa...then to Barrie and back to C-Dot...we came back with AJ...who just got back from his year long missions trip to Morroco. It was aweeome to see him again...and to hang out again. It's been soo long...there's a little culture shock for him coming back to Western Civilization. He's not used to the business of people yet...but it still is good to have him home.

At church tonight he basically had a hero's welcome...everyone wanted a piece of him...but I think they did it slowly not to totally bombard him...eventually he made it back to the ranch where all the youth came over for an after church party. What a day...driving all day...seeing an old friend...then a party at my place...time to sleep....

oh ya...stopped by HMV in The O.C. and picked up Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 for $30 and tax...sweet deal

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

1.43 - The One with the Backstroke of the West

Bootlegging movies in China and Hong Kong is not can usually just go and find them for sale on a table or blanket outside on the sidewalk. This is also true for most of the world. My brother brought this site to my attention today...and because we are chinese...its even funnier. They have taken screenshots of the bootleg version of Episode III that is a direct english translation of the chinese interpretation...

Saturday, July 30, 2005

1.42 - The One with the Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

Down in the Market in Ottawa...there is a desert cafe called Oh So Good...and oh is it ever good. Emilie and I went down when I was there and we shared the most amazing piece of Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake....sorry I didn't get a picture of it...but I did get a picture of the sandwich board outside of the cafe. Letters 'P' and 'Z' are my favourite...

1.41 - The One with the Charity Game

This was one of the spectacular dunks that was showcased in The Steve Nash Foundation Charity Classic. The 04-05 NBA MVP brought together allstars from across the NBA to the Air Canada Centre to raise money for his charity. Dunks and 3-pointers were common while fouls and defense were not. Oh and that pic up there of Raptors own Chris Bosh was taken by me with a little help from Photoshop to blend the pics together.

This week we ran a volleyball camp at the church for the was great to see them out wanting to play and learn. It's incredible how much they can learn and improve over a week. I didn't see it much when we did the soccer camp...but maybe that's because you need to know how to bump, set, spike in order to play a good game of volleyball. It was alotta fun cuz I got to run the camp with my sister from Ottawa...and on a side note...we went shopping at Yorkdale and it seems that Amanda blogged about it already...ahhh good times. Next camp...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

1.40 - The One in the Nation's Capital

So I'm spending the weekend here in the fabulous capital city of this great nation of ours. Two things that strike me everytime I'm here...the french on all the street signs...and the price of gas. It's crazy how expensive it is here compared to home. Yesterday I filled up at 91.8...then later on at night it came down to today...92.8. Oh well...I could have saved a couple dollars...

Time to go out and see all the sights of the city...and of course the best place here...The Market...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

1.39 - The One where the 80's roars back

For awhile now...there has been talk of a live action Transformers movie...which it is in the works...produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay...due out in 2007. And just annouced...they are making a CG Smurf's movie...due out for 2008. Pretty crazy eh? I'm just waiting for them to annouce a GI Joe, Thundercats, and of course a live action My Little Pony meets Strawberry Shortcake & JEM movie.

But until then...we'll have to look forward to More Than Meets the Eye singing "la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

Saturday, July 16, 2005

1.38 - The One with the Racoon Eyes

Being in the sun has its benifits and downfalls. I don't I get a great tan...BUT since I wear my sunglasses all the time...I get what they call "Racoon Eyes". Which I don't understand why people call it that....racoons have black around their eyes. Mine...its lighter around the eyes and then dark everywhere else. Oh well...another question that will raise more discussion than it really should.

*****Injury Update*****

After elevating and a good night's ankle is feeling much better. It is still a little sore...and ballooned up...I can't run on it...but today I was back out on the soccer pitch running drills with the kids. I also tried shooting a few hoops on didn't feel that bad but I was pretty easy on it. I'm sure it will heal just fine if I keep of it for the most part. Tomorrow I get the honour of being a pallbearer at my mom's uncle's funeral...hope my ankle holds up for that or it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

1.37 - The One with the pop

As you all are's freakishly hot and humid and hasn't rained for a few's actually raining now so that's nice...but because of this hot and humid's dried out the grass at the soccer pitch. So we're scrimmaging and I'm running down field trying to get good position when I step in a little dip in the ground slip and roll my ankle...during which I hear a "pop". I went down like a sack of potatoes grabbing my ankle...just like professional soccer players when they get tackled. I'm sure I could have been nominated for an Academy Award or maybe just an MTV Movie Award. But it actually did hurt. Now I'm limping around with a soft brace...I'm thinking I need a better one...

***** Five Hours Later *****

My ankle isn't getting any fact it hurts more now than before...I can barely walk on it...I guess I can' t play soccer tomorrow...hopefully it heals so I can play volleyball in a couple weeks. Mike thinks I might have a hairline fracture...not good...I've never broken a bone or fractured anything in my body yet...I've come very close...but nothing yet. If this does become something like's a pretty sad way to have it happen.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1.36 - The One where the mercury keeps rising

Oh my goodness...can it get any hotter outside? I think the past few days have been in the mid 30's plus the basically low 40's (this is in celcius for all you yankees that are wondering....). I remember when it used to get to +40 in Saskatoon...but it was a dry it didn't kill ya. Walking out the door from an air conditioned house is like walking into a wall of heat. The best part about it is that I'm helping to run a kids soccer camp this week and we're outside in the soccer pitch in this heat running around and having a blast. We go through a couple cases of water a day...I'm getting one crazy tan. I haven't been this dark in a long time...its a good thing I don't burn. Is there going to be any relief in sight from this heat? Maybe this will help...and maybe that the NHL lockout is FINALLY over...we can look forward to cooler weather...but did anyone really miss hockey or the cold weather?

Monday, July 11, 2005

1.35 - The One with the CampOut

What a sight...this picture was taken at dusk this past weekend just down the path from our campsite at Bon Echo Provincial Park. It's visions like this that make you marvel at God's awesome creation. Check out the pics from the weekend here

The weekend was amazing...camping isn't really my first choice for a vacation...but it was fun nonetheless. Spending a day at the beach...swimming in the lake...going out on the boat and going tubing...hanging out with the kids of my youth group...roasting marshmellows and singing around the campfire...building and strengthing friendships and getting away from the business of normal life...doesn't get much better than that. Our youth pastor Mark spoke on being monumental...and challenged the kids to create a monument as a reminder of when their spiritual highlight of their life has been and also to share. All of them did it and it was very encouraging to hear what each of them said. Mine was a rock similar to the inspirational ones that you can buy. I wrote the word "one" on it. "One" signifies the theme of Aquire the Fire a couple years back...the theme was "The Power of One". How one small deed can change someone's life, how one person can help many, how one person can change the course of history.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

1.34 - The One where the world unites

Yesterday marked one of the most unprecedented events around the world. With the world's top performers, across 10 different cities, they put on a show which has been called "the greatest concert ever". Live 8 was put on to raise awareness about poverty in Africa. It's sole purpose was to give ordinary people like us, to unite under one voice to the G8 leaders to aid, cancel the debt, and the give equal trading to Africa. The G8 leaders are meeting in Scotland on July 6th for their annual summit. If you want more information, and if you want to sign the petition that will be submitted to the G8 leaders, head over to If the leaders agree, the we will be able to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY.

Monday, June 27, 2005

1.33 - The one with the cheerleading cows

While driving through the back roads of'll never know what you will see. Usually tractors that take up too much road and that are going way too slow...a large field with a single tree in the middle...makeshift landing strips for small airplanes...odd shapped buildings that are just randomly placed...cows cheerleading...ok what?!?!

That's right...on our way to the recording studio (which was in the middle of nowhere...more on that later), we went past a farm and saw a heard of cows. Not too uncommon for farmland in Ontario...but the strange thing about it was that in the middle of the appeared to be a single cow in the middle, standing ontop of the other cows. You know how they lift up the cheerleaders and they stand clapping and do their thing? That's what it looked like...I'm sure there's a good explaination to why that single cow was "standing" on the other there was a platform...but the cheerleader idea is more fun.

Back to the recording studio...

It was probably one of the best times I've ever had playing music. When you watch shows that interview musicians and they always say that they are working all the the studio...laying down tracks...its hard work...blah, blah, blah. They are soo is alot of work...its hard work and it takes alot of time. I fully appreciate the time and effort it takes musicians to record. Now we didn't record an entire cd...just a few songs for a compilation Christmas fundraising CD...but it was still fun. I loved it and can't wait to go do it again. Not sure when the CD comes out...but I'll let you know and you can all buy it...and I'll autograph it...

yes...that's my shameless plug

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

1.32 - The One with the arrival at departures

Going to the airport is a fun time...well most of the are either going somewhere...dropping someone off...or picking someone up. Monday I went to go pick up D-Ray from the airport...which shouldn't be much hassel...leave about 1/2hr for traffic and you should be fine. I'm driving along Hwy 409 and on the highway that takes you right into the terminals at Pearson Airport in Toronto. As I approach I see police cruisers and a barricade on the highway forcing me to take the offramp to Airport Road. Something must be wrong if they are shutting down the main highway to the airport. So I take the offramp...and comgin towards Airport Road I can see cars backed up for miles...people getting out of their cars and walking on the highway towards the airport. I finally get to Airport Road and turn onto it...and of course I'm backed up as well..but at least it's a snail's pace.

From one stop light to took about an hour...that's one Toronto's really not THAT far. But get's better. I turn into the terminal roads and it looks like clear sailing from least 200 cars are trying to get to arrivals and/or the parking lot. Nobody was really going into Departures's a good thing that D-Ray had his cell phone with him...I gave him a call telling him to meet me at Departures so I can pick him up. So what should have taken me 5 mintues took me an hour and a half. Later I hear that the Limo/taxi drivers were protesting something and holding up the traffic there. Sure they got their message across...but I'm not sure many people are too sympathetic to their cause. But not all was lost...picked up D-Ray and then went to go see Batman Begins...which btw...great movie. By far the best Batman movie yet...I hope that they don't screw up the new Superman movie that comes out next year.

What is your deepest fear?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson,1992

This was quoted in Coach Carter..another excellent it if you haven't seen it yet.

Friday, June 17, 2005

1.31 - The One with the student driver

"Driving is like running real fast..."

pausing for a moment...I turn to my young padawan...J-Ray, who was driving..."WHAT?!?!"

This is what I get when I agree to take student drivers out to practice...near death experiences...funny looks from other drivers wondering who is driving and why I'm letting them drive...and worst of all...stupid comments like they've never been outside their house before. But I must say that I don't blame J-Ray...he is a dorm student at a prep school...they really don't get out that much. That is too bad...well it's up to me to expose him to the "real word"...but how can I really do that? I'm still delaying reality as much as possible. Any ideas?

Monday, June 13, 2005

1.30 - The One with the red light district

There is a street...

in a city...

as your drive down...

lights of red dominate...

but it is only this particular street where once approaching the speed limit you see this...

It never fails...although I did manage to get past 2 blocks before I had to stop again...

the street? Landsdowne.
The city? Peterborough, Ontario.

Also..this city shuts down at around 9 or 10 pm. For those of you who do not know Peterborough...its a good sized city...with a population of over 74,000 you'd think that you'd see more traffc at 9 or 10 pm. It's an eire feeling when you don't see another soul around...

so...if a tree falls in a city of 74,000 and no one is around to hear it or see it happen...did it really happen?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

1.29 - The One with the seven minute lull

For every conversation that you have...on average...every 7 minutes there is a lull. Its a fact...and test it out yourself, next time that you're having a conversation with someone... keep in mind when there is a silence...that's your lull. Unless you are someone that just keeps talking...or are in a conversation where the other person does all the talking...I don't think it is in effect there. This fact is most evident within a group of people. So...every 7 minutes...if it becomes shorter than guys need to lead more exciting lives...or come up with better stories. it comes...I've typed for about 7 minutes


Monday, June 06, 2005

1.28 - The One where everything seems right

It's been awhile since I've posted anything....for those of your who are rooting on the flowers (no pun intended...), they are doing well...they are STILL alive! What a shocker...maybe I do have a knack for this greenthumb ordeal...or I just got lucky on the first try. I think the consensus is that I was lucky...

I feel that I've been blessed over this past week...this might sound corny...but I'm gonna write it anwyayz. I think one of the greatest feelings is to know that you are loved. Most people know that they are...but have you really stopped to think how incredibly blessed you are? Love is a realy tricky thing...people yearn for it...but are afraid to show it...I'm not just talking about romantic love...although that's what most people think of when love is mentioned. It's how we treat each's what the world it looking for. Emily talked about it during last night's worship service at was brought up tonight at Jim & Sharon's...most of the music written has something to do with's what makes the world turn.

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God."
- 1 John 4:7

it's that don't be afraid to show a little love to your fellow man. Even though they may not accept it...or are a little hesitant at first...keep at it. It will be appreciated. For those who have shown their love to me...thank you...I hope that I can extend the same to you.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

1.27 - The One where thumbs turn green

before today...the closest I got to having a so called "greenthumb" was if I coloured my thumb with a marker. But fear not my faithful readers...Lesley and Amanda came over to the Ranch to guide me in the way's of the "thumb".

Now the garden is planted...with flowers...and I have the daunting task of upkeeping it and not having these precious flowers die on me. My greenthumb masters think I am ready for the trials...and I am up to the task...I hope

Saturday, May 28, 2005

1.26 - The One with the soccer mom

Today marked the first time I returned to the Homestead to get some grub...mmmmm...wonton soup. It was kinda wierd being a "guest" to the house I lived in for the last 7 or so years. I didn't know what to do when supper was wasn't like I'd sit down and chat with my hosts after dinner...have tea and was my and my bro left and came back to my place.

I want to thank Em for a great few days...she was generous enough to grace me with her presence and come visit me at the Ranch. Good times...great food...lots o laughs...a little
criticism...entertaining moments at the driving range (complete with bruises)...a depressing movie...a cliffhanger of a finale...and a real "hot" body.

As Lesley would say...all you prayer ninjas out there...please pray for the team in Romania from my church...I was there last year and it was amazing...pray for their ministry, safety and unity. I wish I was there with them...

This day also marked my training as a soccer mom...pick up the kids at a certain time...and make sure they have everything and make sure they are at their destination on didn't really work out well today...BUT...not to fear...I can still cook, clean, making of a "perfect" mom...great...thanks D-Ray...I appreciate it.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

1.25 - The One with The Ranch

Please cross the birdge to "The Ranch"...

Well I'm now living at The Ranch...everything is moved and I'm getting settled. It has been a pretty busy weekend so far...and its only Saturday night. I've already moved, gone to the airport, and seen Episode III...which by the way...good movie. The lightsaber battles are crazy...and as promised...Jar Jar doesn not ruin it at all...nor does he die...but lots of others do. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be nice and sunny. Gonna try to fit some time on the golf course...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

1.24 - The One with the third episode

Well...the day has finally arrived...after months and months of anticipation...Episode III dropped like a cannon ball at the stroke of midnight in major cities all over the world. Legions of Star Wars fanatics lined up, camped out, bought advanced tickets...etc for this event. Me? I was at home...just got off work at 11...not much time on my hands...and certainly no where near a theatre. But fear not my faithful companions...I do have tickets to go see it on Saturday. It will be a day long remembered...

and Happy Birthday to Emily...hope your day is full of joy, happiness, laughter and all those good things that come with celebrating this special day...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

1.23 - The One with the Déjà Vu

Ok...first off...with 2 days to go before the openning of Episode III...this is how MOST fans feel...

Now to the matter at hand...I'm flipping through the channels before supper tonight and I come across Ellen and guess who was on as her guests...Mr. and Mrs. Britney Spears and...ok get ready for this...The Backstreet Boys. Ya that's right...the so called pop princess and a very successful boy band are back. I thought that their time in the limelight was done...but i guess not. Let me know when the New Kids on the Block come back.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

1.22 - The One with no sleep

The countdown has begun...the mania and fandemodium have surpassed all knowledge and understanding... As you may or not...this week marks 2 major events that will happen. One has millions across countires talking and anticipating...the other...well not as many people know and care...

First off, I'm moving outta my parents place and into a house...which from now on I will refer to it as "The Ranch". The Ranch has many key features that I like about it and I'm sure it will be great. Oddly enough, the ranch is directly across the street from my parents place. Its like the TV show Everyone Loves Raymond, 'cept my parents aren't pyscho and probably won't come over every waking second of the day like on the show. I know what you guys are thinking....woah far me...its a sweet deal. Close enough that I can grab food from the fridge whenever and far enough that I don't have to hear nagging from the 'rents anymore.

Secondly and I think its more monumental...unless you've been living under a rock or just totaly oblivious to TV, internet (wait...that's not possible...), and your surroundings when you visit Wal Mart...Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith opens WORLDWIDE this Thursday. So...I recommend that you check it out...I can't guarentee that you won't be surrounded by Star Wars maniacs...and that you will be able to go see this movie in a less than packed theatre...but I can tell you that Jar Jar won't ruin this one.

Right now I'm sitting here at work doing shift 3 of 5 midnights in a row...staying awake is becoming harder and harder...eyes becoming heavy...MUST stay awake...I have a bad feeling about this

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

1.21 - The One that got away


we played in the championship game of our basketball league yesterday. We played well enough to win...but got the short end of the stick. At one point we were up by 12...we let that slip away...a couple minutes left down by 3. Pippy is at the charity stripe for the double bonus. Hits the first...the he fires the ball at the rim...comes back to him...he dribbles around a defender and drains it to tie the game. **BUT WAIT** The heart stopping sound of the ref's whistle pierces through the air as the ball goes through the hoop. Bewildered looks look towards the he waves off the basket our bench rises and tempers start to flare. WHAT?!?! Nothing illegal was done to warrent that call...then the ref says...sorry...I blew the whistle by accident. WHAT?!?! BY ACCIDENT?!?! The basket still didn't count...we got the ball back...but that mis-call took our momentum away and the game slipped away. Brutal way to end a great season...and that my friends...was RIDUNKULOUS.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

1.20 - The One with the new arrival

Weighing in at 8lbs and 9oz...Seth was welcomed into this world by proud parents Michael and Kim at 12:25am on May 7, 2005. This is me holding little Seth when I went to visit...cute kid...I wonder what his midi-chlorian count is?

Friday, May 06, 2005

1.19 - The One with the MVP

Congrats to Canada's own Steve Nash for winning this year's NBA MVP award. After signing with the Phoenix Suns in the off season and taking them from a dismal 29 win season to 62 win season and first overall in the league. Nash averaged a career high 11.5 assists leading the 'L' and also helped the other 4 Suns starters to banner years.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

1.18 - The One with the reminder

As my fellow blogger Robin put it, "May the Fourth be with you". A gentle reminder that indeed it is may the fourth (15 days till Ep III drops worldwide)...and a great pun for our fellow Star Wars viewers. I think comic artists Mark Tatulli of Heart of the City and Bill Amend of FoxTrot were in the right frame of mind when they published their dailies for this date...check it out...

Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli

FoxTrot by Bill Amend

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

1.17 - The One without the gift

Ever meet your parents friends that they've had since before you existed...and they used to hang out with them while you were little. And if you're lucky...they played with you, babysat you and obviously bought you gifts cuz you were oh so cute? Then now that you are ALL grown up...they somehow come back into your life...they mention how they remember you when you were a baby/toddler/whatever. They take the journey back into time and tell you what stupid things your parents did (I especially find this hilarious...), how cute you were, how really little you were...etc. THEN it happens...they ask you the most ridunkulous question...oh it happens every single time...there must be a rule that everyone that's over a certain age must ask this question...they ask: Don't you remember? uhhh...NO! I was 2 for crying out loud!!! I don't even remember what I had for breakfast...and on second though...I don't even remember you...or even know who you are!?!? What are you doing here?'re a friend of my parents? It all comes together now...lack of brain cell regeneration (see episode 1.15 - The One where I'm officially OLD). Thank you for coming...see you again...WHAT?!?! you didn't bring me a gift? Next time don't bother showing up without one...I'll be nice this time...and don't let the door hit you on your way out...

Friday, April 29, 2005

1.16 - The One about friends

There are 3 things that are really important to me...God, family and friends. The first two are constant...they can never change...but the later...for better or worse can change. I've been blessed to have friends where ever I go. Making friends in the different places I've lived, worked, went to school, and the different places I've visited. Some friends are temporary, some last a little longer, some get close and then fade...and some have been lifetime.

My mom always told me even if you disappoint them...your family will always be here for you. But your friends...they come and go. It doesn't matter how close you are right now...they may move, you may move, or they could let you down and disappoint you. That's a harsh reality...something that unfortunatly is something that I've experienced. Moving away is something that I can live always can go But one thing I find the hardest to deal with is when close friends disappoint me. I can't say that I haven't disappointed any of my friends...and to those...I'm sorry.

Recently I've heard from a few friends I lost contact with over the years. Two of them, I grew up with. We went to elementary school and highschool until I moved away. To be able to catch up and see where they now is awesome...reminising about the good ole days where we were young and worries were few. It's amazing how we remembered the little things about each other...the good and the bad. Even though we haven't seen each other in seems like we haven't been apart for too long.

That's the good...but then the bad comes roaring back again...this past week, I heard about another friend of mine. We were close at one point in time...but for one reason or another...we drifted apart. I still don't understand how we got this way...but whatever the reason...we don't talk anymore. I've called and e-mailed to no response. I don't know what I'd say or do if I saw this person again...but the news about me at first...I was disappointed. But...I remembered one thing...whatever happens, God is in control. He'd never put you into a situation where you couldn't handle it. So...with that...I pray for my friend and hope that maybe one day things could be reconciled between us.

If you haven't noticed already...all my blog titles have been labeled "The One...". That was taken directly from the TV show 'Friends'. I think one of the main reasons that 'Friends' was such a big hit, was that it showed a side where 6 people, even though they had their differences and quarrels...could stick it out and find a way to remain friends...and not just any type of friends. all those who are friends, bestfriends, friends of friends, familes of friends, on and off again friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, imaginary a good friend to your friends.

word count [friend(s)] = 28