Saturday, November 26, 2005

1.78 - The One with the barn of bulk

It's been about 3-4 months since I strolled through our sad sad little mall to goto one of the few stores that I shop at just to be greeted with a closed door. WHAT?!?! How could they close the Bulk Barn? Then I learned that they were moving to a new location but it wouldn't be openned until November. So I'm pateintly waiting for it to show my dismay it never opeened up in November...they started construction though. But TODAY...was the Grand Openning...and true to the fashion of small towns...everybody decided to show up. Even though its not really a new phenomenon...the store was packed and the

Needless to say I only dropped $20 on stuff...which will keep me satisfied for a week or so...just aslong as the kid doesn't come aong and consume it all. Lesson learned...if you have patience...good things bulk.


L.Bo Marie said...

dude... I'm still flying high from the sugar I bought there on Friday...... ohhhhhhh Bulk Christmas jube-jube santa heads.... mmmmmmm