Sunday, May 15, 2005

1.22 - The One with no sleep

The countdown has begun...the mania and fandemodium have surpassed all knowledge and understanding... As you may or not...this week marks 2 major events that will happen. One has millions across countires talking and anticipating...the other...well not as many people know and care...

First off, I'm moving outta my parents place and into a house...which from now on I will refer to it as "The Ranch". The Ranch has many key features that I like about it and I'm sure it will be great. Oddly enough, the ranch is directly across the street from my parents place. Its like the TV show Everyone Loves Raymond, 'cept my parents aren't pyscho and probably won't come over every waking second of the day like on the show. I know what you guys are thinking....woah far me...its a sweet deal. Close enough that I can grab food from the fridge whenever and far enough that I don't have to hear nagging from the 'rents anymore.

Secondly and I think its more monumental...unless you've been living under a rock or just totaly oblivious to TV, internet (wait...that's not possible...), and your surroundings when you visit Wal Mart...Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith opens WORLDWIDE this Thursday. So...I recommend that you check it out...I can't guarentee that you won't be surrounded by Star Wars maniacs...and that you will be able to go see this movie in a less than packed theatre...but I can tell you that Jar Jar won't ruin this one.

Right now I'm sitting here at work doing shift 3 of 5 midnights in a row...staying awake is becoming harder and harder...eyes becoming heavy...MUST stay awake...I have a bad feeling about this


L.Bo Marie said...

so long as you promise Jar Jar won't make it stupid, AND you're prepaired to deal with the concequesces if he does... I'll watch it.

lol, you're not using the work computer though are you ;P