Saturday, November 19, 2005

1.75 - The One with option 3

ahhhh...snow...oh how I didn't miss you. It started to snow didn't stay...but today...that's a different story. I was at Lesley's in the early afternoon and forgot that I put the snow brush in the suv...not the car...and I drove the car. So...upon leaving there was a nice layer of ice that built up on the back window under the snow. No brush...and no scraper. My options were limited:

  1. brush it off with my sleeve
  2. take out the plastic cards and start chipping away
  3. leave it and let the defrost melt it away

By the time I made it to WalMart the snow melted off the window...lesson patient enough and the snow will just disappear.

The snow did make me get into the Christmas seems like this year that Christmas just came all of a we didn't know it was going to come. I know that the malls already have their decorations up and that we can go see Santa at your local mall soon...but I guess I wasn't ready for it yet. Funny how something like snow can change your perspective on things. Oh ya...for those of you who can't figure out what to get me for Christmas...I've stopped buying dvd's...and have made a wish list for your convenience.

The best part of the day? Sitting in Rebecca's hot tub...makes up for the cold snow...but at least I'm not in Saskatoon where I hear it was -20 ish this past week...but that day will come...until then...I'll enjoy this mild +1 weather.

Happy Thanksgiving to those south of the boarder...I wonder if they celebrate it back in England? ya...we lost the colonies...