Monday, July 11, 2005

1.35 - The One with the CampOut

What a sight...this picture was taken at dusk this past weekend just down the path from our campsite at Bon Echo Provincial Park. It's visions like this that make you marvel at God's awesome creation. Check out the pics from the weekend here

The weekend was amazing...camping isn't really my first choice for a vacation...but it was fun nonetheless. Spending a day at the beach...swimming in the lake...going out on the boat and going tubing...hanging out with the kids of my youth group...roasting marshmellows and singing around the campfire...building and strengthing friendships and getting away from the business of normal life...doesn't get much better than that. Our youth pastor Mark spoke on being monumental...and challenged the kids to create a monument as a reminder of when their spiritual highlight of their life has been and also to share. All of them did it and it was very encouraging to hear what each of them said. Mine was a rock similar to the inspirational ones that you can buy. I wrote the word "one" on it. "One" signifies the theme of Aquire the Fire a couple years back...the theme was "The Power of One". How one small deed can change someone's life, how one person can help many, how one person can change the course of history.


lovely_biter_05 said...

well sounds like you have a fun weekend..i have never gone camping with out it turning into a horrid experience, so sorry for my spelling, as you might see i cant spell very well ^.^ sorry how rude of me my name is rach and if you would like to chat im me at virgo_star_2005 yahoo alright by

L.Bo Marie said...

dude... can I borrow your black eyed peas cd?????????? PLEASE!!!!!