Monday, November 14, 2005

1.73 - The One with the hype

One thing about a good story...the more you tell it...or even hear it you just don't tired of it. You even get exctied when it's being THE karaoke story has been told, re-told, and I'm sure being told by people who weren't even there. We've told this story so much that it's generated so much hype...and even a small following. By Wednesday night...if and only IF people really decide to show up...we would double...possibly triple our numbers for karaoke night. I think Dan is taking this a little too seriously...he's already 'practicing' songs to sing...Dalton is thinking of how we can get paid for singing...I think Jon is still in amazement that we pulled it off...and I can't say I haven't thought about some songs...but practicing...I'm not on that boat yet. Now our job is to live up to the hype that we've built up...

9 pm...Wednesday night...Shoeless Joe's in C-Dot...see ya there


L.Bo Marie said...

bah.... have to work till 11... am trying to convince Mr.Bee to come in early for me!

Dalton said...


We continue our run to be top entertainment on a Wednesday night in Cobourg. We're in good shape if you ask me.