Saturday, July 16, 2005

1.38 - The One with the Racoon Eyes

Being in the sun has its benifits and downfalls. I don't I get a great tan...BUT since I wear my sunglasses all the time...I get what they call "Racoon Eyes". Which I don't understand why people call it that....racoons have black around their eyes. Mine...its lighter around the eyes and then dark everywhere else. Oh well...another question that will raise more discussion than it really should.

*****Injury Update*****

After elevating and a good night's ankle is feeling much better. It is still a little sore...and ballooned up...I can't run on it...but today I was back out on the soccer pitch running drills with the kids. I also tried shooting a few hoops on didn't feel that bad but I was pretty easy on it. I'm sure it will heal just fine if I keep of it for the most part. Tomorrow I get the honour of being a pallbearer at my mom's uncle's funeral...hope my ankle holds up for that or it wouldn't be a pretty sight.


L.Bo Marie said...

hey T Lam, thanks for the CD!!!!