Friday, June 17, 2005

1.31 - The One with the student driver

"Driving is like running real fast..."

pausing for a moment...I turn to my young padawan...J-Ray, who was driving..."WHAT?!?!"

This is what I get when I agree to take student drivers out to practice...near death experiences...funny looks from other drivers wondering who is driving and why I'm letting them drive...and worst of all...stupid comments like they've never been outside their house before. But I must say that I don't blame J-Ray...he is a dorm student at a prep school...they really don't get out that much. That is too bad...well it's up to me to expose him to the "real word"...but how can I really do that? I'm still delaying reality as much as possible. Any ideas?


L.Bo Marie said...

did you get stuck in that taxi-strike traffic on the way to the air port? sorry I watched the news too late to warn you!

T said...

yes...from Airport took me an hour and a half to get to the shoulda taken me 5 minutes...RIDUNKULOUS!!!

cdpage said...

ideas... did you concider trading roles?

you go to school and he be the care taker?