Wednesday, May 11, 2005

1.21 - The One that got away


we played in the championship game of our basketball league yesterday. We played well enough to win...but got the short end of the stick. At one point we were up by 12...we let that slip away...a couple minutes left down by 3. Pippy is at the charity stripe for the double bonus. Hits the first...the he fires the ball at the rim...comes back to him...he dribbles around a defender and drains it to tie the game. **BUT WAIT** The heart stopping sound of the ref's whistle pierces through the air as the ball goes through the hoop. Bewildered looks look towards the he waves off the basket our bench rises and tempers start to flare. WHAT?!?! Nothing illegal was done to warrent that call...then the ref says...sorry...I blew the whistle by accident. WHAT?!?! BY ACCIDENT?!?! The basket still didn't count...we got the ball back...but that mis-call took our momentum away and the game slipped away. Brutal way to end a great season...and that my friends...was RIDUNKULOUS.


~ robin ~ said...

that IS ridunkulous.