Friday, September 28, 2007

3.70 - The One with the Fun Run

ahh...The Office is back. I had to stay up to watch the west coast broadcast at made for a long day with me having to get up at 5am to go into Toronto...but it was all worth it. Season 4 kicked off with an hour long episode and I loved every moment of it...from Michael hitting Meredeth with his car and trying to make it seem like it wasn't his fault, to finally seeing Pam and Jim officially together. Highlights from the 'Fun Run'

  • Michael present the giant cheque to the "nurse" for $340 made out to 'Science'
  • Andy and his nipple chaffing
  • Dwight euthanizing Angela's cat because it was sick, "They don't provide milk wool or meat"
  • Stanley, Oscar and Creed taking the cab to get drinks instead of running
  • Toby winning the race, "Ya! I'm the winner! Toby Flenderson! Where are we?" "5 km from the office" "He couldn't have made it a circle?"
  • Seeing Ryan in his Corporate Office
  • Kevin trying his hardest to see if Pam and Jim are dating, "Pam and Jim are perfect together, like, PB & J...Pam Beasely and Jim...what a waste!"
looks like it'll be a great season...

Monday, September 24, 2007

3.69 - The One with the Draft

The new hockey season is almost here...and you know what that pool time! Last night I participated in a draft hoping for the best. I did a little research, but I don't put too much into it...besides...who really knows what going to happen? The only thing that was a for sure thing was that Sidney Crosby would be the #1 pick. I was lucky enough to select second...this is my team for the year...

Dany HeatleyOttawaDion PhaneufCalgaryMiikka KipursoffCalgary
Thomas VanekBuffaloSegei ZubovDallasKari LehtonenAtlanta
Scott GomezNY RangersWade ReddenOttawa

Patrick MarleauSan JoseNiklas KronwallDetroit

Slava KozlovAtlanta

Ryan GetzlafAnaheim

Michael RyderMontreal

Nicklas BackstromWashington

oh and if you ever put a table on your blog...word of advice...avoid's a pain in the butt to get it formated right...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

3.68 - The One at par

The Loonie is at par with the American Dollar...woah. I can see it now...foreign countries won't want to exchange for the greenback...rather our colourful Monopoly money. So since our Dollar is so high...who's up for a road trip? OR...can someone say...eBay?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3.67 - The One with...yarrrr

So today is International Talk like a Pirate Day...just wanted to say one thing...

Ninjas are better than Pirates


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3.66 - The One with the delicious candy buttons

Anyone remember this? I don't remember this ad but I do remember the Power Pad...DDR eat your heart out. Check out the caption at the bottom of the ad...honestly who wrote this?

"Here's a nightmare scenario: Your face has cleared up enough that you feel confident asking Susie over to your house. You've got the perfect day all planned out: Your parents are gone for the weekend, there's a romantic dinner ready to be cooked, and you think setting the wall clock four feet off the ground will really show her you care about her very short needs. If you play your cards right, you will be a man before this night is out. But just as she's gotten her shoes off, oh no! Biff Tannen suddenly appears in your den, and he wants to show off his Bruce Lee fighting poses! How to stall him so you can work your mojo? Keep him occupied with the NES Power Pad control system from Nintendo. The buttons resemble delicious candy, and with any luck Biff will be so proud you figured out you can just pound the mad with your fists instead of actually running, he might forget to beat you up. Later, use the mat for more creative purposes to keep your mother from finding a wet spot on the couch. For added fun, keep Track and Field running as you do so. See how far you can get in the long jump."

uhhh...who actually named their kid "Biff"? and the wet spot? yikes

Friday, September 14, 2007

3.65 - The One with the Surprise


heh...that's what I heard last night at my place after taking Naomi out for dinner on her birthday. I threw a very successful surprise party for my girl...who once told me that I couldn't surprise her. I think I got her pretty good. Thanks for all who came and made it a success.

In other news...#1 draft pick Greg Oden is out for the season...can anyone say Sam Bowie? Who's Sam Bowie? He was the player drafted by Oden's Portland Trail Blazers ahead of some guy named Michael Jordan...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3.64 - The One with the sticker

I found this on some site...I think it's great...

Monday, September 10, 2007

3.63 - The One with the warning

I found this article on Engadet...I told you that crocs were stupid

PSA: Crocs aren't just ugly, they're dangerous

Crocs, not unlike Uggs before them, are prime candidates for footware we'd just as well have everyone put back in the closet, especially now that the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation has apparently issued a public warning regarding the safety of wearing the offensively ugly plastic shoes on escalators. Supposedly some forty people in Japan have been injured wearing the shoes on escalators, including a five year old girl who is said to have lost lost three toenails and suffered a broken toe when her ugly ass shoes got caught in the escalator. Please, Crocs, think of the children -- and everyone else's greater sense of aesthetics.

[Via FarEastGizmos]

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3.62 - The One with the iTouch

It's official!! The new iPod touch was announced today at Apple's Music event, along with the new nano (fatty) and the classic iPod with a 160GB model. 160GB!! Anyways, I'm most excited for the iPod's basically the iPhone without the phone. Look for one of these to be in my hands by October!

3.61 - The One with MLG

I was tolerant when they showed billiards and darts on my sports channels on TV. Then they started showing poker...and the professional poker tour. How is that a sport? It's a one at that...but it requires no physical training at all. Now the big thing is the MLG - Major League Gaming...where they show tournaments of video game players competing in teams. That's right video games...and these are 'pros'. They get paid to play games like Halo 2 and Rainbow Six competitively...on tour. The worst thing is...they are showing it on my sports channels!! It's not even a sport! ESPN has already done what MTV did...gotten away from what broadcasting they were built on. I don't even think MTV shows music videos anymore. ESPN is mostly sports talk shows...they had to create ESPN2 just so that they can show regular live sporting events...although ESPN still has SportsCenter every night. Once they start showing poker, or MLG highlights on SportsCenter...then you'll know that America has really hit rock bottom.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3.60 - The One with the Labour Day long weekend

I enjoy long weekends, especially now that I don't have to work any of them. It's a nice break and a great excuse to pack it in with so much to do. Here are some of my highlights:

  • Emily came for a visit after spending a year in Sierra Leone. Nice to see her again...
  • CNE on Saturday...not as big of a deal as I remembered it was
  • the food in the Food Building at the much to see and eat
  • The Acme Cheese Cake Factory...too much to choose from
  • $3 parking a block north of the Ex...too bad for those suckers who paid up the nose for parking downtown Toronto
  • flour bombs at the VanEssen Estate...always a good time
  • shot a +8 at Shelter Valley Pines...pretty good since I found the adjacent fairways twice
too bad every weekend wasn't a long weekend. Anyways, The Office Season 3 on DVD today...and the big Apple announcement tomorrow!! I'm thinking iPod touch!