Sunday, August 14, 2005

1.47 - The one with the interviews

I'm an avid sports I like watching SportsCenter and the like to see highlights of the night or what happened the day before. One thing that strikes me is the lack of vocabulary with most athletes. Now of course there are exceptions to that have people like Shaq, Terrel Owens & Jeremy Roenick who like to speak their mind and aren't afraid to say anything. But going back to the not so articulate ones...the words most often heard are 'ummm', 'uhhh', 'like', 'ya'. Then there are the ever popular sports cliches: 'it was a team effort', 'we gave it our 110%', 'coach told us during the timeout...'.

My personal favourite is when they combine a cliche with one of their vocabulary words...'When its all said and done...uhhhh...'


manda said...

ok, i'm ready to get the beats, so here goes.

"much explination of the lack of vocabulary, is the fact that these athletes tend to be less then top scholars.... possibly due to the amount of head injuries, and the lack of empahsis on devolping educational skills at the same time as physical skills."