Saturday, July 30, 2005

1.41 - The One with the Charity Game

This was one of the spectacular dunks that was showcased in The Steve Nash Foundation Charity Classic. The 04-05 NBA MVP brought together allstars from across the NBA to the Air Canada Centre to raise money for his charity. Dunks and 3-pointers were common while fouls and defense were not. Oh and that pic up there of Raptors own Chris Bosh was taken by me with a little help from Photoshop to blend the pics together.

This week we ran a volleyball camp at the church for the was great to see them out wanting to play and learn. It's incredible how much they can learn and improve over a week. I didn't see it much when we did the soccer camp...but maybe that's because you need to know how to bump, set, spike in order to play a good game of volleyball. It was alotta fun cuz I got to run the camp with my sister from Ottawa...and on a side note...we went shopping at Yorkdale and it seems that Amanda blogged about it already...ahhh good times. Next camp...