Sunday, November 27, 2005

1.79 - The One with the musical life

After just seeing Rent on the silver screen...Jon brought up a great point on how he would be so happy if life could be a big musical. You could just break out in song randomly...dancing...people would join in...and when the number was done...everyone would just go about their way.

Oh and I wanna say kudos to Emily for finally putting up a blog...yes this is the same Emily that's our friendly neighbourhood oompa loompa.


Emily said...

I'm a 'who' not a 'that.' I'm a PERSON dammnit.


L.Bo Marie said...

I think that's why I crush on Crilly.

royal said...

I am singing....Im at work and I'm singing...singing is just like talking, but longer and louder and you move your voice up and down.(stolen from Elf)..Please, dont tell me that dancing is just like walking but more spastic.

royal said...

I'm dancing...I'm at work and I am dancing...ya right!!!!