Thursday, April 28, 2005

1.15 - The One where I'm officially OLD

Main Entry: 1old
Pronunciation: 'Old; for sense 9 usually 'Ol
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English eald; akin to Old High German alt old, Latin alere to nourish, alescere to grow, altus high, deep
1 a : dating from the remote past : ANCIENT <old traditions> b : persisting from an earlier time old ailment> old argument> c : of long standing old friend>
2 a : distinguished from an object of the same kind by being of an earlier date old name> b capitalized : belonging to an early period in the development of a language or literature <Old Persian>
3 : having existed for a specified period of time old>
4 : of, relating to, or originating in a past era <old chronicles record the event>
5 a : advanced in years or age old man> b : showing the characteristics of age old at 20>
6 :
EXPERIENCED old trooper speaking of the last war>
7 : FORMER old students>
8 a : showing the effects of time or use : WORN, AGED <old shoes> b : well advanced toward reduction by running water to the lowest level possible -- used of topographic features c : no longer in use : DISCARDED <old rags> d : of a grayish or dusty color <old mauve> e : TIRESOME old fast>
9 a : long familiar old story> old Joe> b -- used as an intensive old time> c -- used to express an attitude of affection or amusement old dog> old biceps> old time>
OLD, ANCIENT, VENERABLE, ANTIQUE, ANTIQUATED, ARCHAIC, OBSOLETE mean having come into existence or use in the more or less distant past. OLD may apply to either actual or merely relative length of existence <old houses> old sweater of mine>. ANCIENT applies to occurrence, existence, or use in or survival from the distant past <ancient accounts of dragons>. VENERABLE stresses the impressiveness and dignity of great age venerable patriarch>. ANTIQUE applies to what has come down from a former or ancient time antique Chippendale furniture>. ANTIQUATED implies being discredited or outmoded or otherwise inappropriate to the present time <antiquated teaching methods>. ARCHAIC implies having the character or characteristics of a much earlier time archaic language to convey a sense of period>. OBSOLETE may apply to something regarded as no longer acceptable or useful even though it is still in existence obsolete>.

Well...that's I turn officially OLD...the big 2-5...the quarter century...the silver anniversary...and so on and so forth. Emily told me the other day that your cells stop regenerating when you turn 25. My brother told me that your don't stop until you're basically gain a "new" body every 2 years. BUT...if Em was referring to brain cells...that would explain ALOT. So this my 25th birthday...I'm not going to do anything to extravagant...sit back...relax...sleep in...HAHAHAHA...I already had to work at 6:30am. Oh and it's raining here again...I don't remember the last birthday I had that it didn't rain or snow...

Last night we played in the semi-finals against the team primarily made up of my old highschool teachers. It was probably the roughest game we played all year...lots of whistles...bad calls going both ways...and technical fouls given out to the most unlikely people. Although we lost Gary and Mike as they both fouled out early in the second half (cheap fouls I might add)
...we stuck it out and won 67-61. WE'RE GOIN' TO DA FINALS!!

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth...Calvin...Hobbes...(lack of brain cell regeneration....)


L.Bo Marie said...

lol... I knew I'd forget to wish you happy b-day!!!! (but it IS on my calendar)
sorry buddy!

welcome to the world of older than dirt.....
hope you have a long stay

~ robin ~ said...

well happy birthday! i will be *old* in november... yay for being allowed to have a quarter-life crisis :) haha.
actually, i believe that *old* is mainly a state of mind, and has little to do with your age. and in the grand scheme of things, we are still young! so celebrate! i hope 25 is a fantastic year for you.