Saturday, August 27, 2005

1.50 - The One with the man from UNCLE

My uncle Wil flew back rom HK last night and I went to the airport to pick him up with my other uncle Andy. Now prior to this...I told U-Wil that I couldn't pick him up cuz I had to work the graveyard shift and time would be a problem. But I decided to go anywayz...and U-Wil had no idea I was coming. He was just expecting patenitly waiting with U-And...U-Wil finally emerges from the large double doors from baggage claim and U-And waves him down...U-Wil sees him and moes towards him. Now I come out from the crowd and walk in front of U-And so that U-Wil could see me. BUT...U-Wil walks right by me...right to U-And. I turn and watch U-Wil start talking a mile a minute while U-And is watching me laughing. U-Wil wonders what U-And is laughing at and he points me out. The look on U-Wil's face was priceless...I guess a person changes after four years...well U-Wil looks the same...but apparently I changed alot...wait till he sees my brother.

Oh and a side note...I've been to the airport aout 6+ times this year...either to drop off or pick up...NEVER to go I come...