Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1.49 - The One with the book of wishes

Every year Sears puts out its annual Wish Book Catalog full of Christmas ideas for people to decide what to spend their money on. The first 100 pages usually contain gift ideas for prices under $100 - $10. This is put into little sections depending on the price range...some of the stuff in there is utterly ridunkulous...others...well I suppose if its in the catalog...someone will buy it. The rest of the Wish Book, like many other catalogs it split up into the different sections for your reading pleasure.

Now I used to be excited when the Wish Book arrived at my doorstep...even the year I delivered them in the blistering cold. But it seems that it arrives earlier and earlier each year. It used to be on the doorstep on November 1st...right after you get your candy out and sit infront of the Wish Book memorizing the item numbers so you can tell your parents/grandparents what you wanted. Then one fateful showed up in early October. That's ok I thought...only a month early. The following year it showed up just after school started again in the fall. This year it arrived today...that's right...August the 24th, 2005. Instead of it being +5 celcius and winter fast approaching...its a sunny 25 degrees snow in sight...and don't want to be reminded of winter just yet. But Sears has decided that they need to kick start the Holiday Season 4 1/2 months in advance...

oh...btw: page #1011, item # O61538271...just incase you were wondering


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