Friday, December 30, 2005

1.90 - The One with the '05 year in review

In the spirit of the fabulous year in review shows on TV...I've decided to host my own...since I don't have the resources to broadcast it on air...this is the next best thing. So without further adieu...and in no particular order....this is how I will remember 2005.

  • Basketball - from coaching in a week long day camp, to doing freelance photography at Raptors games, to hitting that clutch 3 pointer in an important game, to making it to the championship game in our league (although we didn't was fun), to watching fellow Canadian Steve Nash tear up the 'L' and win the MVP and attending his charity game at the ACC...this game has brought great times and memories.

  • Golf - I was fortunate enough to be able to go out golfing with many different people and on many different course over the season. But I think taking my uncle from Hong Kong out for 18 was much fun to spend that time with him.

    The best hole: I birdied the par 3 #8 at the exclusive Dalewood Golf Course.
    Best shot: 310+ drive at hole #15 at Dalewood...I crushed the ball...went perfectly straight and carried over the creek giving me under 90 yards to the hole....I ended up paring the hole...ya i know...I still can't putt.

  • Movies - After a long wait, Star Wars Episode III was finally released and did not disappoint in my books. The action was great, dialog was horrific, but after Episode I & II...I didn't expect too much. So many good movies this DVD collection is growing too rapidly.

    Here are my awards:

    Movie of the Year: Batman Begins - a comic movie where you can watch it was a comic book and it great...and watch it as a regular movie and you'll get the same effect.
    Surprise Movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith - I went to see it as a turn off your brain shoot 'em up turned out a lot better than anticipated.
    Sleeper Movie: Four Brothers - so much action, so much emotion
    Best DVD: Sin City Recut & Extended
    Best Movie no one saw: tie: Unleashed - a Jet Li movie with a great story...lots of actionm but a story driven movie & Rent - so true to the Broadway musical
    Oh finally came out on DVD: Friends Season last my series is complete.

  • Music - Where do I start? This year I've seen my youth worship band grow musically and spiritually. It's been an amazing ride...these kids are so talented...although often criticized for the style and loudness of the music...they are never discouraged and just want to play and worship God. I've also had the priviledge of singing a solo in our spring canata, pariticpate in the Christmas one, recorded a few songs for a charity Christmas Album, and lead worship with another band at the Dock and Soulhouse Cafe.

    I hit a few concerts this year as well...the most memorable was Casting Crowns at Ontario Place with Starfield, Reuben Morgan at the Queensway, and Passion at Ricoh with Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall and David Crowder.

    Music awards?

    Rock Album of the Year: Green Day - American Idiot
    Rap Album of the Year: Kanye West - Late Registration
    Pop Album of the Year: Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
    Christian Album of the Year: Casting Crowns - Lifesong
    Worship Album of the Year: Chris Tomlin - Arriving
    Live Album of the Year: Alicia Keys - Unplugged
    Song of the Year: Coldplay - Fix You
    Album of the Year: Coldplay - X&Y

    ...and of course I can't mention music without saying something about karaoke Wednesdays at Shoeless Joe's. The other day I was late arriving because I was at the Raptors game...and when the DJ saw me coming...he said to me...I was wondering if you were going to show up. Glad to hear that we're missed...

  • Friends - it's been a year of old friends returning and making new friends. The friends that I have made, gotten to know better, and ones that have come back into my life has made this year amazing. I thank you all for the kindness and generosity that you have shown me...I hope that I have done the same...I love you all.

  • Family - It was great to see my uncle return to Canada after 4 years, and being able to spend time with us for a few weeks. Spending time with my brother and parents has always been taken for granted. But when you don't see them all the time...each time becomes a little more special.

And to end this year is my 2005 top 10 memories

10 - Casting Crowns concert at Ontario Place
09 - buying my iPod...ya i know that's cheesy...but I love my iPod
08- Freelance photography at the Raptors games
07 - Wednesday karaoke nights (the first night was stll the best one...)
06 - getting a job with no interview...just a call saying...I need a interested?
05 - golfing with my uncle from HK
04 - Ottawa trip
03 - Moving out of the homestead and into The Ranch
02 - leading worship at TNL, Sunday services, the Dock & Soulhouse Cafe
01 - all the great times with family and friends

I hope that your year was just as memorable as mine...I wish you a happy New Years...until next year...God Bless