Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1.36 - The One where the mercury keeps rising

Oh my goodness...can it get any hotter outside? I think the past few days have been in the mid 30's plus the basically low 40's (this is in celcius for all you yankees that are wondering....). I remember when it used to get to +40 in Saskatoon...but it was a dry it didn't kill ya. Walking out the door from an air conditioned house is like walking into a wall of heat. The best part about it is that I'm helping to run a kids soccer camp this week and we're outside in the soccer pitch in this heat running around and having a blast. We go through a couple cases of water a day...I'm getting one crazy tan. I haven't been this dark in a long time...its a good thing I don't burn. Is there going to be any relief in sight from this heat? Maybe this will help...and maybe that the NHL lockout is FINALLY over...we can look forward to cooler weather...but did anyone really miss hockey or the cold weather?


Mark said...

Super duper blog! Nice pics, esp the ostrich.

~ robin ~ said...

hey you'd be surprised at the humidity we're getting here this summer! it's ridiculous and i can't sleep because my apartment is an oven! gah!

T said...

air conditioning is my best friend