Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1.57 - The One with the rollercoaster weekend

What a weekend...Friday night we went up to Dave n Buster's to party is up for Chris' 26th birthday. Dave n Buster's was fun as always...but dinenr at Sam and Pete's...wow...the food was good...but the service was just ridunkulous. The only other time I had service this slow was at Rebecca's birthday party earlier this year. What's with a big group of 20 something's a poor service? We ordered drinks, aps, tons of food and we had lots of money to spend...the waitress got a pretty measly tip.

Oh...and my internet situation...went from bad to fixed to worse...now my cable modem went offline...and they're not coming until Friday to fix it...I called on Saturday...I love this service.


L.Bo Marie said...

ok.. it's getting really uncool!
thankfully you've got a job working with computers now... or we'd all have to deal with you going thru withdrawl!
As for the 40 at Co5.... nope. if I leave here... I LEAVE. ;)