Thursday, July 14, 2005

1.37 - The One with the pop

As you all are's freakishly hot and humid and hasn't rained for a few's actually raining now so that's nice...but because of this hot and humid's dried out the grass at the soccer pitch. So we're scrimmaging and I'm running down field trying to get good position when I step in a little dip in the ground slip and roll my ankle...during which I hear a "pop". I went down like a sack of potatoes grabbing my ankle...just like professional soccer players when they get tackled. I'm sure I could have been nominated for an Academy Award or maybe just an MTV Movie Award. But it actually did hurt. Now I'm limping around with a soft brace...I'm thinking I need a better one...

***** Five Hours Later *****

My ankle isn't getting any fact it hurts more now than before...I can barely walk on it...I guess I can' t play soccer tomorrow...hopefully it heals so I can play volleyball in a couple weeks. Mike thinks I might have a hairline fracture...not good...I've never broken a bone or fractured anything in my body yet...I've come very close...but nothing yet. If this does become something like's a pretty sad way to have it happen.