Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3.82 - The One with the "Gonk"

It's Halloween again and this year Naomi wanted to hand out candy at my place. For the last few years I've had to work on Halloween night so I didn't have to worry about handing out anything. But this year has been a year of change...

We got some really cute kids that came around for candy...the first kid was a Clone Trooper which I thought was pretty cool to start the night off with. We saw everything from Princesses, to cowboys, to the lazy older kids who wear their hockey equipment to get free candy. The prize for the best costume was a kid who dressed up as a "gonk" droid from Star Wars. Actually he introduced himself as "the repair droid from the Star Wars Battlefront video game". Obviously he made it himself and looked like he was stuck in a box with big open panels so he could see...kinda like "Barrier Man". All I'm thinking is..."wow kid...that's such a geek costume...impressive...but ouch." Then he turns to me and says, "You're wearing a Splinter Cell shirt! I love Splinter Cell!"

...who's the geek now?

Monday, October 29, 2007

3.81 - The One with the wee Wii

alright, get you mind outta the gutter...but you have to go check this site out. It's called Paper Art Gadgets...they make, design and post miniature paper models of some of your favorite electronic items such as the iPhone, PS3, Atari 2600 and even the Wii. It's pretty sweet what you can do with just paper and a little imagination. Now to have the time and the patience to make one of these...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3.80 - The One with the convention

oh's been day 5...and I'm already frustrated with my family. But it'll all go away right? RIGHT?!?!

in other news...the first ever The Office Convention in Scranton, Pa. this weekend. "There's no party like a Scranton party." Wish I could sounds like fun

Sunday, October 21, 2007

3.79 - The One with the ring

On Friday night I asked Naomi to marry me...and she said YES!! That's right ladies and gent's...TLam is engaged to the love of his life. No specific date set...but it'll be in '08...hopefully end of the summer. Now the wedding plans begin...

Friday, October 19, 2007

3.78 - The One with not anything

The Office quote of the night:

Michael Scott: [screaming into the office] I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!

Oscar: Hey, I just wanted you to know, that you can't just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.

Michael Scott: I didn't say it, I declared it.

Oscar: Still.. that's.. it's not anything.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3.77 - The One with the spoons

We went to Wal Mart yesterday to pick up Transformers on DVD and I had 3 different versions to choose from:

  1. 1 disc Regular Fullscreen or Widescreen - just the movie, no special features
  2. 2 disc Special Edition - comes with a special features disc which packed over 2 hours of features
  3. the Wal Mart exclusive package - comes with the 1 disc movie with no special features and a second disc which has the prequel comic book animated and voiced by Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime)
I picked up the 2 disc special edition because I couldn't see why I would pay the same amount for an exclusive dvd that I'd never watch...why couldn't they just have the 2 versions?

I know it's a bit late, but this was the best quote from The Office this past week:

Angela: I asked for assorted cutlery and I got back spoons. These are worthless.
Phyllis: I want to understand what you're saying but it's difficult for me when you use that tone.
Angela: Phyllis. These are spoooons. Spoons have rounded tops, and are used to scoop things. What we need are forks, which have prongs, or tiny spears on top. And we need knives, which have blades. Do you understand me now?
Phyllis: Yes.
Angela: Goodie.

Monday, October 15, 2007

3.76 - The One with the Vii

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the Vii...that's right Vii. The chinese knockoff of the Wii. I saw this article on engadget and was blown away. I feel sorry for the kid that asks his parents for a Wii for Christmas and ends up with a Vii...poor kid

Saturday, October 13, 2007

3.75 - The One with J-E-P

I've been playing Scrabulous on Facebook for the last few weeks. I've never been good at Scrabble but this version is pretty fun. I like how it tells you if your word that you play is a valid word or not...which brings me to this:

Friday, October 12, 2007

3.74 - The One with the cheating Agent Zero

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at Halo 3...that was proven last night when Justus and I played on XBox Live. But I won't go as far as cheating...unlike NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas, who graces the cover of NBA Live 08.

When you play on XBox Live, it records your scores and your achievements displays them on a website for all to see. Arenas wrote on his blog once that he plays Halo on XBox live and so some people looked him up to see how he was doing. What they found on his profile page was him placing first or second in most of his games. The problem was that in his games, he would place first with no kills and the games would only last for a couple minutes. He joins up with a friend and has his other account quit out so he gets 1st place every time. Check out his profile.

When asked about this by Dan Steinburg from the Washington Post, Arenas replied,

"I'm cheating?" he said. "How am I cheating?"

"Gilbert," I asked, approximately," are you creating dummy games with two fake friends and using the wins to rack up experience points?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing. "Yeah."

uhh huh...way to're a great role model Agent Zero

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3.73 - The One where we end the fight

The fight is finished...Justus and I beat Halo 3 on Sunday. Well we beat it on 'Normal' co-op mode. The story mode was short but really fun nonetheless. I'll have to play it on single player and see how I do. But Halo is all about the mutliplayer...who wants to come challenge me? I'm sure you'd win...

now onto Madden 08

Monday, October 08, 2007

3.73 - The One with the 2 turkey dinners

This must be the warmest Thanksgiving weedkend in recent memory. I'm not complaining beacause I know what's coming...I even got a change to go golfing yesterday...probably for the last time this season. Anyways, I've got a lot to be thankful about this year. Funny how we need a holiday to really stop and put things into perspective. We live out our lives, and take things for granted most of the time...well at least I do at times. I don't usually stop and think about how incredibly privileged I am. So I'm glad we have this holiday to give us a chance to stop and reflect on what really matters.

This year I get 2 turkey dinners...mmmmm...oh ya...and I got an XBox 360 this weekend too. J-Ray sold me his for a really really good price...he wanted to get the XBox 360 Elite. I was more than happy to take his plain white one off his hands. Picked up Madden 08 and Halo3 as well...

...Happy Turkey Day everyone (except for you guys in the States...Happy Columbus Day)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

3.72 -The One with the Wii condom

I'm not sure what to think of this...Nintendo is spending over $18 million to supply all Wii owners with what they call the "Wii Remote Jacket" for free. It's supposed to help with your grip of the remote and I guess add protection to those who get smacked with it.

All you have to do to get one of these is to go on the site and submit your Wii serial number and the numbers of "remote jackets" that you want. So far I haven't been very successful in getting past that stage. Every time I try it gives me this error:

"Our records indicate that your request for additional Wii Remote Jacket(s) has exceeded the maximum quantity allowed per Wii serial number."

That happened on the first time I tried...and the second time...anyways, I've e-mailed the support department and hopefully I'll get my free Wii condom...errr..."remote jacket".


Nintendo got back to me...


I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem placing your order for the Wii Remote Jacket. We are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. Please wait a few days before trying to place your order again. When you return to the website and place your order again, you should be able to view the order confirmation page displaying your seven-digit order number. This means your order was successfully completed. Considering that orders will not begin shipping until October 15th, the wait should not delay your order once it does go through. On behalf of Nintendo, I thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Sincerely, Nintendo of America Inc.

looks like I'll be getting my condoms...I wonder if they come in different flavors?

Monday, October 01, 2007

3.71 - The One with the tickets

A couple things to start off:

  • Props to Mike Weir for beating Tiger Woods during the President's Cup this past weekend. It's even sweeter that he beat him in Canada
  • what the heck happened to the Mets? and the Bears? well the Bears loss wasn't as bad as the Met's collapase!
  • congrats to Brett Farve for topping Dan Marino for the all time TD passing record.
  • NHL in London? I guess it was a good idea...but the anthem singer? yikes
  • now onto 'real' life...
It's October 1st and I still don't have my iPod Touch. But...that's ok...I'll live with it. I'll wait until Christmas for it. Actually...I spent the money I had put aside for the iTouch on a few other things. What did you buy you ask? Well...take a look:I saw them at the Footlocker at Square One Mall and said I had to have them. Ya...that's right I bought new shoes...BUT that's not the only thing I bought. On Friday morning I purchase 2 tickets for the now sold out Michael Bublé concert at the ACC in January for me and my girl. That's jealous...

oh ya...I'm saving for a ring too...the kind that has a shiny rock on it...the iPod can wait