Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2.29 - The One with the missed 1000 points

I'm coming home from WalMart where I picked up a few things and I'm driving along Elgin Street, one of the busy streets in Cobourg (DON"T LAUGH) and about 40 feet in front of me I see and old man...in his old man scooter...complete with his orange flag start cross the street in the MIDDLE!! He looked west and then proceeded to cross the westbound two lane street. I could just imagine what he was thinking..."well I'm old and I'm coming through...I survived this far...let's see if you do."*

Emily kindly reminded me that I shoulda hit him...they are worth 1000 points ya know...

*paraphrased from one of Jerry Seinfeld's bits

Monday, March 27, 2006

2.28 - The One with the 11th seed

Well the don't call the NCAA Basketball Tournament March Madness for nothing. Who picked 11th seeded George Mason to defeat Michigan State (6), North Carolina (3), Witicha State (7) and Connecticut (1) to make it to the Final Four? All four #1 seeds have been eliminated...and totally screweing up my bracket. I only have UCLA left in the Final Four...and I picked them to loose and not even make the Championship game. So tell me...who is and where did George Mason University come from? WOW

Sunday, March 26, 2006

2.27 - The One with the elusive purple door

Tonight we were in Peterborough hanging out at Lesley's church and then afterwards Dan had this brilliant idea of going to the Purple Door...light? I can't remember what it was called...something purple. Anyways he really didn't know where it was, although he knew the general area where it was located. He didn't tell us that it was a seasonal thing, and didn't tell us what we were in for. After driving around for about 20 minutes, with directions like: uhh...its a one way street by a park with stautes in it...that runs north and south. We finally found the place, but it wasn't there/open/whatever.

So then we decided to goto Kawartha Downs to check our the slots because we were curious and never have been inside. Trav went to a machine and stuck in $20...and probably sat there for a good 15-20 minutes hitting the button over and over again. I went over to one...put a $10 in and played. I honestly don't get it...I was bored...I'm sure if I won I'd be happy...but all you do is push a button or pull the lever. No skill whatsoever. We didn't win anything...although the first machine I went to...I put in a card, pushed a few buttons...it even greeted me by displaying my name on the screen with a MR. infront of it. After a few more button pushes it spat out $60 in cash...sweet

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2.26 - The One with the restricted area

Last weekend, Trav-Who and I decided to go on a road trip to Ottawa. He's never been so he wanted to take in the sites...especially Parliment Hill. While we were waiting for our tour to start...we went down a hall way that didn't have any of these signs:

so we kept on walking...but it just seemed like we were getting further and further from where we should be. But we didn't see any security guards, although I noticed a few of these cameras fixed on us

after going up a flight of stairs and looking at these huge paintings on the walls...we neared a security guard who asked us if we worked there and if we had a psss...uhhh no...so were in some restricted area...good thing that most people like us Canadians...because the security was pretty non-existent. Oh well...Trav and I went on the tour...met up the that guard again and gave him a big hello and smile...

Friday, March 17, 2006

2.25 - The One with all the driving

5:30 am - depart Cobourg
6:45 am - arrive @ Toronto's Pearson International Airport
6:48 am - depart from Toronto's Pearson Internation Airport less one
7:50 am - arrive back in Cobourg

5:15 pm - depart from Cobourg
6:35 pm - arrive in Kingston
6:45 pm - Red Lobster - Lobster Fest...mmmmmmmmmmm
8:10 pm - depart from Kingston
9:45 pm - arrive in Nepean

total kilometres driven: 500+

Thursday, March 16, 2006

2.24 - The One with the reunion

It's been awhile since I've blogged about karaoke...mainly because there wasn't really anything significant that's been happening with it. But last night Dalton brought it when he did his redition of Macy Gray's 'I Try' with the raspy voice and all. It was simply amazing. And for the first time in a very long time...'The Boys' as we are known at karaoke sang together once again, and of course...we did not disappoint.

Next stop...our nation's capital for a little R n' R

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2.23 - The One with the brackets

It's March Madness again!!! Starting tomorrow the most exciting basketball tournament starts...have you filled out your bracket yet? I've got Villanova to go all the way...beating Duke in the final game. I've picked the last 2 winners in UNC and UConn...so maybe I can go 3-3. But if Duke wins is all...I will not be surprised. J.J. Reddick is an amazing player.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2.22 - The One when grandma called

I checked the messages on the main line here at the ranch...not my personal one and I got a message from my grandma. Speaking english she told me how much she misses me, that she made a roast beef and potato dinner and no one has come yet and wondered where we all were. She thanked me for the photos that I gave her from my trip to the Bahamas, and that Tara is very beautiful. What a wonderful message...a few problems though:

!. My grandma doesn't speak english very well
2. she doesn't have the number to the ranch...or even my personal line for that matter
3. I don't think she's ever made a roast beef dinner
4. I've never been to the Bahamas
5. who's Tara?

2.21 - The One with the new show

Check out The Unit on CBS tonight at 9pm EST. It looks really good...I think it'll help me get over Alias when the series ends this spring. I'm a big fan of Dennis Haysbert when he was in 24 as President Palmer. Now he's in the lead role...sweet