Thursday, December 01, 2005

1.80 - The One with the move

What a day...first off I had to sign all the Christmas Cards for work....I cheated and ran them through a printer...then it was off to Amberley's to help her move her stuff to her new apartment...I think we did pretty good. 2 trips with a truck, a SUV and a mini van. I think it took us only 3 hours to complete the job. After that Big D and I went over to the pool hall here I humbled him 6 games to none. And of course...Wednesday would not be complete without some karaoke...complete with thumbwars, beer spilt on my camera, and Amberley actually getting up and "singing" Let's Get is Started with us. Now we just have to work on Steve and Manda to sing a song...

Next up...Staff Party tonight and Rock Climbing tomorrow in TO...

Steve & Travis

Travis with his good friends

Amberley, Travis & Steve

The Crilly's with Manda & Lesley

Jen, Jon & Dalton

you're so pretty Steve...

Big D

Danny boy

Ams "singing" with the boys

Manda & Jon


Ain't No Mountian High Enough

Titus & Amberley

I've had the Time of my Life
***My bad...Manda did sing YMCA with're next