Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1.45 - The One with the bad habits

For the last couple days at work I've been training the 'new guy' on the ins and outs of's a good thing that he catches on quick and understands the nature of the job. Cuz I'm not really sure how well I'm really training the poor guy. Once you've settled into a job you tend to develop habits good or bad and stick with them to get the job done. I'm hoping that I haven't been teaching my habits that waiver a little off how the protocols are. The same goes with me coaching at a basketball camp this week...but at least with basketball...there are less rules and regulations...and it won't give you a brain cramp when you think about those things.

The street outside where I work is under construction so traffic on it has been very I saw about 4 seniors take full advantage of this by going up and down the street on their old people scooters...ya know...the red ones that have 3-4 wheels, goes about 5 mph [thats 8.06 km/h, 440 ft/m, 2.24 meters/sec., 4.35 knots, and mach .01] and have that sweet basket in front with their orange bicycle flag waving in the wind? I need to get my hands on one of those and race them.

One last though of the day...before my brain cramps up...ever try fighting to stay awake at school or work when someone is trying to talk to you?



Chris said...

Yes i did that today at work while a co-worker was trying to talk to me about something.

To be honest, all my energy was spent in just trying to look awake, and nothing he said to me was retained.

I have no idea what we were/he was talking about... i can only hope it wasn't improtant.

PRO: you don't get quizes or tests at work every day or week

CON: not knowing whats going on may get you fired.

cdpage said...
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L.Bo Marie said...

who ya training?