Monday, August 08, 2005

1.44 - The One with the Return of the AJ

After travelling most of the day with Oshawa...then to Barrie and back to C-Dot...we came back with AJ...who just got back from his year long missions trip to Morroco. It was aweeome to see him again...and to hang out again. It's been soo long...there's a little culture shock for him coming back to Western Civilization. He's not used to the business of people yet...but it still is good to have him home.

At church tonight he basically had a hero's welcome...everyone wanted a piece of him...but I think they did it slowly not to totally bombard him...eventually he made it back to the ranch where all the youth came over for an after church party. What a day...driving all day...seeing an old friend...then a party at my place...time to sleep....

oh ya...stopped by HMV in The O.C. and picked up Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 for $30 and tax...sweet deal