Friday, October 28, 2005

1.66 - The One with the meat eating vegetarian

I was given a shocking revelation friend Emilie...once a that really believed in it...once tried to convert me...has turn her back on the veggies and decided to eat meat. This blew my mind...the fact that she didn't really tell me until she asked me what she should make for dinner. When she finally decided on made me wonder...ummm I thought chicken was meat. Oh ya...I converted...I've decided that meat tastes too good. Well then...that sounded like my arguement for NOT being a vegetarian...when will these people learn? At least we got one back...


Anonymous said...


My decision was a little more complicated than just "meat tastes too good". I just didn't want to get into it because I was tired of explaining it to everyone. But now that I see you took time out of your day to write about it, then I should at least give you the real reasons:

(1) Over the summer I realised that I haven't been living my life to the fullest and that includes trying new things even if I didn't think I would like them. Being a vegetarian was holding me back from trying absolutely everything, so for my three year anniversary of being a veggie I tried lobster from the Maritimes and found that I was really missing out on all the good quality food out there! Now when I go to a restaurant the people I’m with don’t pick out all the vegetarian options for me (that really made me angry, I would always have to tell people to look for their own food and leave me to fend for myself).
(2) As a female it's difficult to get all the needed nutrients (eg. calcium, iron, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids) from not eating meat or dairy. It can be done, but I was starting to get a bit lazy and so my health wasn't up to my standards. Therefore eating meat makes up for all the nutrients I was missing out on.
(3) Meat tastes darn good! Especially chicken ceasar salad...

In the end I don't regret my three years as a veggie. It made me realize my love of cooking and food. I love trying new things and changing things up. Down the road I might become a vegetarian again, but for now, bring on the meat (my next chalange is to find some really good ribs...).