Monday, July 30, 2007

3.48 - The One with the long day in NYC

who knew that travelling could be such a pain in the ass? Here's what went down...

  • left home at 5.30am to get to Pearson International for our flight to NYC at 8.15am
  • got there no problem...went through security, customs...very smooth
  • landed at La Guardia on time at 9.45am
  • our American Airlines plane couldn't dock at the gate because another plane was there. it was a medical emergency so they had to take someone off the plane.
  • when we did finally get to the gate...there wasn't anyone there to open the door so we had to wait even longer.
  • 40 minutes after landing...we finally get off the plane and make our way to our connecting flight with Delta Airlines to Bermuda
  • got to the Delta terminal and it was a zoo.
  • tried to get our boarding passes but the computer wouldn't let us...we asked a Delta agent to help and he had to go up and talk to his manager.
  • By this time our bags and our flight were leaving and we were stuck in NYC...hoping to get to Bermuda
  • Delta booked us for the same flight for the following day and sent us back to AA and told us that that should be responsible for us missing our flight and provide us with a hotel room for the night.
  • We went back to the AA terminal and found an AA agent and explained it to her...she thought that Delta was crazy and that AA has a flight leaving at 4.30pm from JFK to Bermuda
  • we then took her word and lined up at the ticketing booth and waited in line (11.00am)
  • by 1.00pm we had our tickets and boarding pass for the 4.30pm flight to Bermuda out of JFK and sent there in a limo (first time sitting since getting off our first flight at 9.45am)
  • got to JFK's American Airlines terminal and it was something else. ever see the movie The Terminal with Tom Hanks? It looked like that...except not as much stuff.
  • Naomi said it looked like a space station...
  • Exhausted and hungry...we went through security and found out that our flight was delayed for 2 hours. I think it was because it raining like crazy there. All the flights to Toronto and Montreal were cancelled.
  • So we found a place to eat...and then went shopping in the terminal.
  • There was an Oakley store there and for those who know me...they know I like my Oakley sunglasses (ya..say it...UH OH)
  • ...and if you haven't guessed by now...I came out with a new pair of CUSTOM white Monster Dog glasses with ice iridium lenses. They were cheaper than any of my other Oakleys by a lot...PLUS they are custom one of a kind.
  • We didn't get on our flight to Bermuda until 6.45pm and didn't take off until 7.15pm.
  • 10.20pm local time (Bermuda) we landed and went through customs...and thankfully our bags were there waiting for us since 2.15pm

what a day...I need to try to change our tickets coming back I think. word of the extra for non-stop flight...or if you have to have a connecting flight...make sure it's with the same airline. We woke up to rain this morning...but we're here...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

3.47 - The One that I'm done

"Put a fork in me...I'm done"

that's right folks...I'm done working at CH...I'm off to Bermuda in a couple days...then I'll be back to start working at The Office. Too bad we don't have a "Dwight" there...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

3.46 - The One with the Personal Assistant

I had the unique and fabulous opportunity to have my very own personal assistant..although it was still was great. Dalton just so happened to be working on something else while answering my phone and text messages while I just lay in a pool chair floating around in the pool. He would go inside and work on his thing...then come out and relay a message to me and I would dictate a response and it would be sent. I can see why all these celebrities and CEO's have PA''s so much nicer for someone else to do your work when you just want to be lazy.

Thanks Dalton

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3.45 - The One with the rat

As my time here working at the group home ends, I took my favourite client out for dinner and a movie. It's great when you take them out into the community and they are treated with respect. But then there's the odd time where someone is insensitive and says something that just irks you. Normally it's a kid and they don't know better...but when it's an adult...that just irritates me.

We were out to see Ratatouille (which by the way was an excellent film) and R was having a good time looking around at his surroundings, taking it all in. Now to give you a little background on R...he tends to talk to himself quietly and constantly. He only says a few phrases and repeats them over and over. But he will get excited and cheer when he hears it. Anyways, R and I are in the theatre...mainly populated by children and their parents, enjoying the movie. R talks to himself for abit...repeats a few things over and over. He says a few things a little louder...but still is repeating what he's saying. A lady a few rows up turns and glares at us...obviously not being able to see who is making the noise. Maybe 10 minutes later she turns again and says, "Will you STOP that!" It took everything in me not to get up and call her out...also R was sitting closer to the aisle to I couldn't get out.

Soon after, her friend got up and went out to get a drink and must have went to complain to an usher who came back and told them that R came in in a wheelchair and was disabled. After the movie was finished I got R's wheelchair and I was getting him back into it, when the lady came up to me and apologized not knowing he was disabled. I just looked at her and said, "That's happens all the time...isn't it sad?"

I'm sure she was embarrassed...but what really get's me is that she applogized to me. It's no me who she should apologize's R. Plus...wouldn't you clue in that if someone is talking thoughout a movie...and is repeating the same thing over and over...that maybe...just maybe that he/she can't help it? Perhaps I've been working at this job for so long that I just take it as second nature. Other than the lady rat...the evening was lots of fun. R had a great time at East Side Mario's and at the movies eating tons of popcorn. I'm going to miss working with the guys...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

3.44 - The One with Photosynth

This is for all you Microsoft haters...don't get me wrong...I'm a big fan of Apple...but this is something else...

for those who can't see the embedded video click here

There is also a live preview of this software available online. All you need to do is install a 5.5 MB Photosynth ActiveX. The address is :

Monday, July 09, 2007

3.43 - The One with...who cares?

so did anyone really care about Live Earth this weekend? The intention was great...but I can't see anyone drastically changing their ways. I love how they had a bunch of rock stars who live a lavish lifestyle with their Hummers and private jets headlining this event. My favourite was this Australian band who wore black t-shirts that read "Say NO to Nuclear Energy". I wonder if they know that they probably live off of nuclear energy every single day...

and for some reason I can't add a title to my post today...weird

***Derek tells me that Australia doesn't use Nuclear power...don't I feel stupid

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

3.42 - The One with More then Meets the Eye

It was quite a weekend...I don't remember any other weekend in which so much stuff was just jammed packed into it. From seeing movies, to the Waterfront Festival, to the iPhone release and of course...'More than Meets the Eye"! Here are the highlights:

  • iPhone Friday...with the release of the iPhone in the USA and all the just makes me want one so much more. It looks so sleek and sexy...I will have one sooner or later.
  • saw Live Free or Die Hard on Friday to kick off the long weekend. It was a "turn your brain off and watch" kinda movie. Justin (Hi I'm a Mac) Long was hilarious, Bruce Willis makes a triumphant return as Det. John wasn't really a Die Hard movie. It could have been the 24 movie with Bruce Willis instead of Kiefer Sutherland. The swearing wasn't there...but there was action packed. Still a very enjoyable movie
  • The Waterfront Festival in town was pretty good this year. All the same kinds of things were happening...but the biggest highlight was Boss Hogs Ribs. I've never had better ribs much better than any restaurant. I can't wait for them to come back for Rib Fest later in August.
  • of course the Fireworks on Sunday were great as well. Don't you love how we spend so much money to shoot stuff in the air...and people flock and camp out for a 15 minute show. Regardless....fireworks are always fun to see.
  • NHL free agency started on Sunday...and it looks like the Rangers and the Flyers have completely different teams. Too bad for the Sabres and the Islanders who lost all their good players.
  • Vince (cry baby) Carter signed back with New Jersey after saying he wanted to test the free agent market. I guess he figured out that no one wants him for the price he was asking.
  • Congrats to Jaimie and Tammy with their new baby boy Ethan Richard! Naomi and I went to visit them in the hospital on Saturday. Cute kid...and I've never seen Jaimie smile so much...such a proud father.
  • Transformers the Movie. It was AMAZING! Beinto end off the weekend with a bang...Darrien and I went to an advanced screening ofg a big fan of the Transformers since I was a kid this was THE movie I've been looking forward to for a long time. I didn't want to overhype it before i went and I have a problem of stuff like that. I love movie spoilers and even if I know everything that is going to happen in the movie, I still enjoy it. This one...I saw all the trailers...didn't read too much on it...and I was so impressed. In typical Michael Bay fashion the movie was loaded with action and everything was just HUGE. It was funny, quirky and a little cheesy in some spots...but it didn't matter. Once I saw the robots transform...I was in my element. I need to see it again...