Monday, October 31, 2005

1.68 - The One with the unwanted help

I take pride in what I do...whether its my job(s), or playing's something I do well...or at least I think I do it well. I believe that I hold a certain degree of competence that allows me to perform whatever tasks that are before me. But there are those who always think they know better or more than you no matter how long you've worked there...or how much training, education you have....for example:

On Friday I was putting those felt pads on the bottom of the kitchen chairs at work...I was nailing them in for them to stay on. The chairs get used and abused more so then anything that you'd ever to ensure that these pads would stay...I had to nail them in. This lady was there...never seen her in my life...doesn't work there...just watched me for awhile...and then made a comment about how stupid it was to nail the pads in. usually I wouldn't really care what people say...but she had this nasty voice...all high and mighty. So my co-workers explained to her that this need to be done...but she still said that it was over doing it...

Now on Sunday morning...I was playing guitar during the services...and plugged it into the PA system...did my sound check and everything before hand. When it came time to play...the soundguy forgot to turn my guitar I talked to him later and he said it was his mistake. Some other man was listening into our conversation and siad in a snarly voice..."you're guitar was plenty was blarring..." and the soundguy kinda just looked at him...turned and continued on our conversation.

So what is I have this big sign above me requesting for unwanted opinions or comments from people that have no relevance to me? I need someone to help me turn it off...any takers?