Tuesday, September 06, 2005

1.53 - The One with the bubble

Wow...you know when they say so and so can sleep and even if a train came through the room they would never wake up? Apparently that's me...and everyone else that lives at the Ranch...last night...my neighbour across the street had a fire in their garage...and I guess there were about 3-4 fire trucks there sirens blarring at about 3:00am. Me and the rest of my clan sleep right through it...mind you all of our rooms are at the back of the house...but still...those fire trucks are pretty loud. I suppose we live in a bubble...

The family is safe...they are staying in a hotel nearby...but their garage had a lot of damage to it. It didn't help that there were vines all along the outside...I was tld they had to make a hole in the roof to let all the smoke out. D-Ray and I didn't even know until this morning when we looked across the street...again...it must be the bubble.