Friday, September 02, 2005

1.52 - The One with the spur of the moment

Yesterday is was Staff Appreciation Day for our district...fellow workers from Kingston, Peterborough and Cobourg gathered for day of fun, games, speakers and of We aslo had a time of worship through music...and this is how it went down...

Di called me on Monday as I'm coming off the 18th green at Ashbrook Golf Course in a panic. "Hey T...I need a favour...You're going to be there on Thursday right?" I'm thinking to myself...great...whenever Di asks for a favour I know she's in way over her head. "The worship band that's supposed to be playing on Thursday can't do it anymore... " what does that have to do with me? "Can you play?" Ummmm...I suppose "Great! But there's a need to put a band together...."

So now I have this impossible task of putting together a band in under 72 like an agent I get on my phone and start making calls. The hardest thing to do is to find people that can play music, feel comfortable playing in front of people...and also have to be good enough to do it with next to no time to practice...oh ya...and they SHOULD be employees that will be there at the appreciation day. I already had a pianist that could sing...thanks Jen...the drummer I wanted couldn't be there, no lead bassist. So you can imagine I'm getting a little stressed about this...Lesley found me another singer...but still no drummer. I can handle no other guitarist and no bassist...but I really need a drummer to put it all together. Wednesday rolls around and still nothing...I made a call to the place where we were to play to inquire about what equipment I needed to rent...the sound guy Josh said nothing...everything is there that I needed. Then I asked if there was anyone there that could play drums...he replied, "I play drums...I can play for you." SWEEEEEEET...I now had my band.

As we got on stage on Thursday I addressed the crowd and introduced ourselves as 'Spur of the Moment' and went on to lead was a God moment for sure. Although we didn't get to practice much (I think 15 minutes) I thought we sounded pretty good...and to see the crowd sing back and engulf themselves in worshiping God, it was awesome. It's amazing what God can do when you think it is impossible.