Sunday, April 29, 2007

3.30 - The One with the thank you

a shout out to all who called, e-mailed, e-carded, facebooked, and texted me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was a great day even though it was cold and wet on the golf course. A special shout out to those who endured golfing with me and let me win by a mere 20 strokes...mind you I shot 106 on a par 72. It was not a good day for me and my putter...although I did sink a 20 footer on the 18th. Again...thanks...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

3.29 - The One with K.I.T.T.

I picked up my brother from school day, and as I was driving down Division street, a black car peeled out of a parking lot and ended up beside me on the left. I recognized that it was an early 80's Pontiac TransAm...and stated as a joke, "Hey look, it's K.I.T.T." (editors note: if you didn't recognize the name K.I.T.T. right away you won't understand the rest of the story. Please reach back into your inner 80's childhood or read up on it here) As we both came to a stop at the light, I was slightly ahead of the TransAm and my brother said, "check if it has the red sensor bar." So we both leaned over and took a look. To our amazement it was there! The driver must have seen us looking, because the sensor bar started to glow and the light paced back and forth. I looked up at the driver and he gave me a big smirk. I returned a thumbs up and drove away. Too bad the driver wasn't "The Hoff".

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

3.28 - The One with the Cool Quencher

after spending some quality time outside...I like to come back in and enjoy a refreshing beverage...ya ok that was cheesy...but I couldn't think of how to introduce my favourite commercial on TV now. Click this link if you can't see it

Monday, April 23, 2007

3.27 - The One with T.M.D.I.

what a glorious weekend! Started off with a fabulous bbq on Friday on Sunday and my Red Wings beating the Flames in double OT to advance to the second round. Onward to birthday week for me...

these are a couple comics that I enjoyed all you txter's out there...

...and to you "Lost" fans...that' right VanDan...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

3.26 - The One with the fun day

what a beautiful day!! Couldn't ask for more...well I could...but then I'd be selfish. I washed the truck, went to the driving range and had a poutine from the Chip Truck for dinner. gotta love of the best traditions about summer...trips to the Chip Truck...oh so good.

Please remember and pray for those who were effected at Virginia Tech. It was a horrible thing to happen and I am saddened by what the killer said in his video.

Monday, April 16, 2007

3.25 - The One in Foggy London Town

A foggy day in London Town
Had me low and had me down
I viewed the morning with alarm
The British Museum had lost its charm
How long, I wondered, could this thing last?
But the age of miracles hadn't passed,
For, suddenly, I saw you there
And through foggy London Town
The sun was shining everywhere.

Well it really wasn't foggy...although the weather had a hard time making up it's mind. We were all in London (Ontario...not England) this weekend for Steve & Amberley's wedding and it was a are some highlights:
  • Applebee's in Cambridge on the way up...I came up behind Lesley and put my hand on her shoulder, leaned around her looked at her...she then proceeded to look up and pucker up...stopped when she realized I wasn't Dalton...
  • being #15 on the complaint list on a room where 2 yappy dogs left by their owners for over 4 hours. Stupid owners...
  • Travis putting his coolers in the bar fridge in our hotel room and Steve breaking off the key in the lock. VanDan then proceeded to dismantle the fridge door with a knife, safety pin and tweezers. I think we should call him Macgyver from now on
  • The security guard also named Dan who came to help VanDan with the fridge door...then being, bored hung out with us for the rest of the night...pretty tight security at the hotel...
  • Steve throwing in "shutup!" in his vows while practicing them the night before
  • Dim Sum in was pretty good...comparable to Toronto. Jered just ate and ate and ate.
  • Success!!
  • The wedding ceremony
  • The dance...good times...D-Train bringing it on the dance floor with the Hammer Dance
  • dancing with my girl...
it was a fun road trip...when's the next one?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

3.24 - The One with the helm

When the Nintendo Wii came out, I was pretty excited to get my hands on that I have one, I'm always on the lookout for new accessories for it.

Now I've seen it all...from Thinkgeek you can now own the WiiHelm. The following excerpt is from the Thinkgeek website:

The Nintendo Wii has surely revolutionized gaming as we know it. Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as they wield the Wiimote as a tennis racket, baseball bat or sword. Problem is the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes. This makes those extended play sessions a thing of the past... and who wants to beef up at the gym just to play video games on your couch? We sure don't.

Included Footpedals Allow
Handsfree Button Control

Fortunately for cream puffs everywhere the WiiHelm is now available at ThinkGeek. Simply lock your existing Wiimote into the stylish white helmet and free your hands for relaxation... or other important tasks. After extensive scientific study it was found that manipulating muscles in your neck for 10 minutes uses 64% less energy than waving your arms about like a lunatic. The WiiHelm works great with all of your favorite Wii games and the included foot pedal allows easy button presses using minimal toe effort. Plus the amazing Wiimote Saf-T-Lok technology and double reinforced head strap save you thousands of dollars in damaged flat-screen repair charges.

Important Note:
The WiiHelm does not include a Wii console or controller. You need to supply your own, or trade your PS3 for a Wii on eBay. Games requiring the Nunchuck are currently not supported by the WiiHelm*

check out the video...

April Fools...hahahaha...this was a good and all...very impressed

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3.23 - The One with the Padawan

We've taken in a co-op student for the semester here at the office. He's a keen young lad who is eager to learn. I've been given the task to be his Jedi Master, thus making him my Padawan learner. One problem...he annoys the heck outta me.

He tends to sit behind me and stare...makes me kinda uncomfortable. Then he leans closer and breathes on me..that's just creepy. He likes to interrupt any conversation I have with anyone else in the office hoping to be included in the discussion when he has no part whatsoever. When I give him a task to do...he'll do it and then he expects me to watch him do it. He talks out loud when he works, so I'm not sure if he's talking to me...or to himself.

I'm not trying to be mean...I've been very's been about 2 months now and he's starting to push me over the edge. He's gotten to the point where I get the joy of teaching him basic HTML...wish me luck.

Monday, April 02, 2007

3.22 - The One with the playoff berth

Yesterday was April 1st...also know as April Fool's Day. Usually a day for jokes and pranks...but it came and went. Does anyone still care about it? I know when I was a kid the radio stations were all over it...would tell some elaborate story and never mention the date during the broadcast. Now...I don't recall the last time someone did something exciting during April Fool's day.

But the day was not wasted...D-Ray and I went to the Raptors game last night in which they blew out the Bobcats in a 107-94 win...clinching a berth in the playoffs. Not bad for a team who started 2-8 and for many "NBA Analysts" a team who they predicted that would not make the playoffs and end up in the bottom 5 teams in the league. Only a handful of games remain before the playoffs...can't wait.