Friday, April 29, 2005

1.16 - The One about friends

There are 3 things that are really important to me...God, family and friends. The first two are constant...they can never change...but the later...for better or worse can change. I've been blessed to have friends where ever I go. Making friends in the different places I've lived, worked, went to school, and the different places I've visited. Some friends are temporary, some last a little longer, some get close and then fade...and some have been lifetime.

My mom always told me even if you disappoint them...your family will always be here for you. But your friends...they come and go. It doesn't matter how close you are right now...they may move, you may move, or they could let you down and disappoint you. That's a harsh reality...something that unfortunatly is something that I've experienced. Moving away is something that I can live always can go But one thing I find the hardest to deal with is when close friends disappoint me. I can't say that I haven't disappointed any of my friends...and to those...I'm sorry.

Recently I've heard from a few friends I lost contact with over the years. Two of them, I grew up with. We went to elementary school and highschool until I moved away. To be able to catch up and see where they now is awesome...reminising about the good ole days where we were young and worries were few. It's amazing how we remembered the little things about each other...the good and the bad. Even though we haven't seen each other in seems like we haven't been apart for too long.

That's the good...but then the bad comes roaring back again...this past week, I heard about another friend of mine. We were close at one point in time...but for one reason or another...we drifted apart. I still don't understand how we got this way...but whatever the reason...we don't talk anymore. I've called and e-mailed to no response. I don't know what I'd say or do if I saw this person again...but the news about me at first...I was disappointed. But...I remembered one thing...whatever happens, God is in control. He'd never put you into a situation where you couldn't handle it. So...with that...I pray for my friend and hope that maybe one day things could be reconciled between us.

If you haven't noticed already...all my blog titles have been labeled "The One...". That was taken directly from the TV show 'Friends'. I think one of the main reasons that 'Friends' was such a big hit, was that it showed a side where 6 people, even though they had their differences and quarrels...could stick it out and find a way to remain friends...and not just any type of friends. all those who are friends, bestfriends, friends of friends, familes of friends, on and off again friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, imaginary a good friend to your friends.

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