Monday, July 31, 2006

2.69 - The One where the vacation ends

it's just after 7:00 am...I've been up since 4:30 am...and I'm sitting in Port Columbus International Airport using their WiFi internet again. I've had a pretty fun couple weeks...Seattle was amazing, and Columbus is a neat city to visit. They have a lot of history here, also the home to Ohio State University known for it's football program. I visited the campus...and the 'shoe', their football stadium is huge. I also checked out CoSi, the Columbus Science Center, mainly because they had a Star Wars exhibit...something about where science fiction meets technology. They basically had a lot of props and costumes from the movies and a few things that are in use now that were inspired by the Star Wars movies. Golfing last Monday was different. I played at the Airport Golf Course which is across the street from the airport. From time to time you'll see planes coming in for a landing...and were they every close. I think if you take a lob wedge and just time it could hit one of the bigger planes.

Of course I went shopping...the best mall was the Easton Town Center...and it literally was set up as a town. With a town square, shops on the street, it's own trolly, and even security cars. It was quite an experience...I also dropped a bunch of money there. But the main reason for the Columbus trip was to watch Jarryd in the Jr. National All State Basketball Tournament. There are some pretty talented players out there. Jarryd's team lost all but one of their games...they were all close. If his team passed the ball...they would have been one of the best teams out there...but his team was mainly made up of individuals and played like that for most of the tournament. It's too bad...there were many times where Jarryd would just run up and down the floor and never get the ball...and when he did...he passed. One of the few players that looked to pass before shooting.

One thing I noticed about driving here in the States is the amount of police and accidents on the freeway. One evening driving back from the Hoop there were 3 people pulled over in a span of maybe 3 miles. On the first couple days I saw about 4 accidents, ranging from fender benders to one where firemen putting a fire out from a car. I don't get it...everyone drives slower than 65 MPH (100KPH) can you get pulled over? OR get in an accident? Crazy drivers...

in other news...the battery life for this laptop is extremely flight leaves at 10:30...time to get back to reality...and Canada...

Friday, July 28, 2006

2.68 - The One with the Dunk Comp

As many of you know...I've been hiding out in Columbus Ohio watching Jarryd play in the Jr. Nationals All State Basketball Tournament. His team, Canada Gold has only won 1 game so far in round robin play...lost a few close games and one blowout. One bright spot on his team is a talented young guard named James Forrester. Standing 6'1" he's got the quicks, handles, control and mad hops. After seeing him do a tomahawk dunk in traffic, I knew he was going to be the winner of the dunk comp...but what he did during the competition blew me away...

this was his second dunk during the first round which earned him a score of 94:

and if that wasn't enough...this was his winning dunk:

Vince Carter eat your heart out

Monday, July 24, 2006

2.67 - The One with White Castle

Ever see that movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle"? It's about 2 roomates trying to get to this fast food place called White Castle and everything that happens to them on the way. From Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser M.D. for those of you who didn't know) stealing their car, to running away from some crazy surfer dudes, hitching a ride on hang glider...they had quite a time getting to White Castle.

Jarryd and I were driving around Columbus looking for a place to eat lunch and we found a Tim Horton' OHIO!!! SWEET...ate there and looked across the street to see a White Castle. So for supper...we ventured off into the unknown to eat at White Castle. We went to a closer one and man was it good. You can order 20 burgers with 4 fries for $14.99. These are the tiny bite sized ones mnd you...but still a feat in itself to eat all that.

Jarryd & Titus Go to White Castle

Sunday, July 23, 2006

2.66 - The One with the WiFi

well I'm sitting in Port Columbus International using their free WiFi internet. Gotta love it...oh ya...I had some amazing Sushi in Seattle on Friday...mmmmm

Saturday, July 22, 2006

2.65 - The One with Rainier

Here she is...Mount Rainier. The tallest active volcano in North America. Apparently it can errupt in the next 2 miuntes, or the next 200's supposed to be a fact. Sure thing...its looks amazing.

I found out that Nintendo also makes it's home in Redmond, Washington.oh ya...we went golfing...stupid hot...but it was great.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

2.64 - The One with the city of coffee

Yesterday Tomo took me on a tour of downtown Seattle. It's quite a city...from Pike Place market, to the Space Needle to the original Starbucks store...Seattle is a beautiful city to visit. Here are a few pics:

Pike Place Market - home of the world famous Pike Place Fish Company

The Pike Place Fish Company

Lots of flowers for sale...and for cheap too...this is where I'd buy my flowers for that special somebody...I think this bouquet was $10

Space aged port-a-potty - on the side of the street

If you've ever played any of the Gran Turismo games - this is where you start when you race the Seattle circut

two posers standing outside a fine hambuger joint

Pier 70 - this pic is for you Trav...they filmed the 'Real World' here one season

Ahhh the Space Needle - constructed for the 1962's World's Fair. Other than being a tourists attraction, it serves no other purpose.

Key Arena - This is where the recently sold Sonics and Stom play

The Seattle skyline from 520 feet above - Mt. Rainier is in the background

This is from 'the view' on Highland Drive

I couldn't resist taking this picture

Monorail, monorail, monorail...mono

Qwest Field - home of the 2005 NFC Champions Seattle Seagulls...I mean Seahawks

Safeco Field - Home of the Mariners

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2.63 - The One at Microsoft

wow...Microsoft is HUGE. Their campus takes up more real estate than the University of they are expanding. Tomo's friend works there and he gave us a tour of a couple of the buildings...they treat their employees really if you're looking for a job on the west coast...Microsoft maybe the way to go. As for me...I'll just visit.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

2.62 - The One with the trip to the airport...again

I'm headed off to the airport again this morning...except this time I'm the one leaving on the jet plane...

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
with my camera and golf clubs in tow
I'm leaving on a jet plane
going to Seattle and then coming back again...

I hope to post pictures in the coming days...stay tuned

Thursday, July 13, 2006

2.61 - The One with the 720

I didn't think that this was at all possible in real life...only in a video game...apparently we're living in a virtual world...enjoy

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2.60 - The One with the cube van

I'm coming back from Woodstock, ON....from a wedding...why else would I want to go there? I'm speeding along on the 401 in the fast lane and just outside of Guelph I was passing a convoy of vehicles which were transporting furniture and the sort. The lead vehicle was a large cube van. As I pass the cube van I look out my side window and strangely enough I see it move towards me...into my lane. The only thing I could do was drive into the shoulder (thankfully it was a wide one) and speed up to get infront of the van. As I pass the cab the driver is oblivious to what he just did. He looks over and sees me and then keeps driving...I never got to see his face when he realized what he did...but I'm sure it looked stupid.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

2.59 - The One with the momentary lapse of judgement

What was that? Was I dreaming when I saw it?Zinedine Zidane's momentary lapse in judgement during the World Cup was something else. I're playing on soccer's biggest stage. Being one of the world's best players for years, saying that this year's World Cup was to be your swan song...and then pulling off a stunt like that? WOW!?! I think this year's World Cup Final will be remmebered not as italy beating France...but as Zidane getting red carded for a headbutt. Way to end your career...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?

joga bonito

Friday, July 07, 2006

2.58 - The One with the IDIOT neighbour


What?!?! are you kidding me? Who the heck is knocking at my door now?

Open the door and it's my neighbour who lives across the street...he's about 17 or 18 and he's with a bunch of other kids. "DUDE!! You gotta help me you have any room in your garage so I can park my car in there?"


"We were coming back from the store and we got some eggs to eat and my brother threw one out the window at this guys car. He was standing right beside it too!!! I need to hide my car so he doesn't come and bomb it. My brother is such an idiot...I kicked him outta my car and now he's running from the guy..."


"Thanks man I owe you one!! We're gonna go wash his car now..."

uhhh...somehow I don't believe you that you bought the eggs JUST to eat but whatever...I'm surrounded by IDIOTS...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2.57 - The One with the C.A.C.

Coalition Against Crocs - that's right...I'm speaking out on behalf of those who like their footwear. What kind of shoes you wear says a lot about you. I'm a shoe guy...I have many pairs for different occassions and events. For example: I have a pair of Doc Martins and a regular pair of dress shoes for a more formal occassion. For sandals a pair of Birks and a pair of Adidas flip flops for an event that I could get wet...cuz wet Birks...slimy and disgusting. Can't forget the many sporting shoes that I have: a few pairs of basketball shoes, golf shoes, cleats for baseball and soccer, cross trainers, Adidas Superstars...and I have a pair of brown suede Merrells, which I love.

Most importantly...I don't own a pair of Crocs...and will never own a pair. I've tried them on...yes they are comfortable...but OH MY GOODNESS UGLY. Who's with me?

Monday, July 03, 2006

2.56 - The One with the search

Ever google your name just to see what comes up? I typed in my name and the first link was my profile for the company I work for. That was pretty boring...#2 was a fan club for me...or someone with the name first and last name....that was pretty funny. But then again...kinda I tried one of my nicknames: TLam. That came up with Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile...that's more like it.

A bunch of us went to see Superman Returns today. I thought it was a good movie...not great, but a good movie. It played homage to the original two Superman movies (we try to forget about #'s 3 & 4). I still don't understand why no one can figure out that Clark Kent IS Superman? He doesn't look THAT different with his glasses on. OH...Superman slicks his hair back...Clark doesn't...Lois Lane...Pulitzer Award winning investigative reporter cannot put two and two together.

Speaking of deception...we also watched Anapolis tonight. I thought it was all about the Naval Academy and the trials or training and how tough it is. There were aspects of that throughout the movie...BUT it turned out to be a boxing movie. How a new recruit squares off against one of his superior officers in a heavyweight bout.

One last thing...Steve Yzerman made it official today annoucing his retirement from hockey...thanks for the memories.