Saturday, October 29, 2005

1.67 - The One with the needs

when Lesley tells me I need to try something...she's usually right. This time is was to type "[your name] needs" and pick out your favourites and post them. She did it...and now its my here it goes:

Titus needs a stitter on short notice
Titus needs to assert his authority
Titus needs little explanation (that's right)
Titus needs to beef up their current line up of products
Titus needs to bring a Condo plat for a Conditional Use (what's a condo plat?)
Titus needs a learning boost (ouch...very ouch)
Titus needs state of theart sound equipment (and then some)
Titus needs some binoculars so if anyone has an extra pair...
Titus needs to remain
Titus needs to retire (I must agree)


L.Bo Marie said...

am I ALWAYS right???? yesssss!