Sunday, August 21, 2005

1.48 - The one with the Encounter

It's been awhile since I've been to Ontario Place...I couldn't remember what there was to do there...all I remembered was that there was a pretty cool mini putt course, and boats that you could race around a large Navy Ship that was on display. To my dismay...the Navy Ship was no longer no boats to race around...BUT the mini putt was there. I shot 4 over par...mainly cuz every hole was a par 2. Usually there are par 3's...oh well. I quickly discovered that what I remembered about Ontario Place was better in my mind than what was actually there. Kind of like those old TV shows we used to Transformers, GI Joe, Astro Boy, Full House (yes I know you watched it...if I can admit can to0)...always better as a memory...if you watch them realize how cheesy they were.

The other reason we were there was for Encounter 2005...basically Christian day at the park...which was awesome. There were bands that played on 3 different stages all day...headlined by 2 of my favourite bands: Starfield and Casting Crowns. The last concert with those two bands was just incredible...Casting Crowns played their new single Lifesong...I can't wait to learn it and play it. The new CD drops on August 30th...