Monday, December 17, 2007

3.98 - The One with the snow bank

It snowed about 25cm over the weekend...yesterday I spent most of the day shoveling. Not that much least the snow wasn't heavy...but it just didn't stop coming down. Just when you thought it was letting up and going to stop...OH...more snow! I don't mind the snow...I just hate it when the snow plows in my town basically fortify your driveway when it goes by your house. I spent about a half hour this morning shoveling a 2 foot high, 5 foot deep and about 20 foot wide barrier that was on my driveway from the lovely snow plow. It didn't help that my neighbour has this big sign on his lawn that reads "Let it Snow!" Oh it snowed alright you want mine?

Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful that we have plows...but when I was living in Saskatoon...where it snows a lot more and for more days...we never had this problem. The plows would never block your driveway. On my way to work I saw a bunch of old people out shoveling the ends of their driveways. It's just not right.

On a brighter note...the trailer for the The Dark Knight came out this weekend...check it out