Saturday, December 22, 2007

3.100 - The One with shortage of Wii's

WOW...Rock Band is amazing!! From opening the box, to setting up the drums, the Fender Stratocastor and the mic. A bunch of people came by last night to help me christen my copy of Rock Band. Time flew was had by's my initial review...

band name: cāpo3

  1. the Strat...I like the size, the look, but it feels flimsy...getting the "Overdrive" to work seems like a chore...
  2. the higher frets for solos - I used them once of twice but I don't see much of an advantage of using them (if you can prove me wrong...I'm all ears)
  3. drumming is really fun...except I suck at it so far...(I'm a pianist, singer, and a guitarist by trade...could never drum correctly) The bass pedal is kinda cheap'd think that they could make better one that doesn't look like you can break it by just breathing on it.
  4. the singing is done well...if you know how to sing the sing you'll get a high score...even if you don't know the can just keep the pitch and you'll do great. The mic itself is solid
  5. 4 players in the band was loads of fun...don't like how you can't switch instruments with your characters.
  6. the song selection was alright...playing the mystery sets or the challenge sets was getting a little repetitive. I think we played Say it Ain't So and In Bloom back to back about 5 times tonight. But...if we were a real band on tour...we'd be playing the same songs every show.
  7. custom characters - LOVE IT...lots to play with there
  8. haven't gone online yet...but soon...I hope it's pretty good
  9. solid game so far...lots of challenges and things to do
  10. better than Guitar Hero by far as a game. Still not to crazy about the Strat...

to was worth the wait...can't wait to play it more...if you want to come by and play...just let me know...

Rock Band wasn't the only thing that's almost impossible to get this Christmas...reports have Nintendo losing over $1 Billion because they can't keep up the the demands for the Wii...$1 BILLION!!! I think I found the reason why...