Friday, December 14, 2007

3.97 - The One with "Something has found Us"

Not sure if you've heard of "Cloverfield"...but it's the new J.J. Abrams movie coming out in January. The teaser trailer came out with Transformers and didn't even say what movie it there's been a lot of speculation and hype building around it. Check out this 5 minute's the latest thing to come one sure what this movie is about yet...


Crilly said...

I am officially intrigued.

Hawk_Eye10 said...

Prepare For A Nice Long Read from Planet 10 (behind Pluto)

Dear Brave Ones who decided to take on the task of reading my theories,
Okay, I think i held my tongue long enough...every since my accidental discovery of this movie waaaaaay in November, I've done more

research than most people have (i think)I've broken down teasers/trailers, flip pictures, studied audio, researched monsters, correlated

movies, years, math, phone numbers etc...basically i've invested alotta time into this. What i'm sayin is this, in the second trailer, theres a

scene, i paused where Rob is outside, with who i assume is Beth or a female character (w/e) well, he's hiding by a trash bin. On the bin is

displayed a phone number(343-1600) in which only the last seven digits can be displayed. Through my powers of prestidigitation, i

surmised that it was a Manhattan NY area code. So I googled alot, and came across the fact that it's a non-existent number...or, or,

or...(Hing On Herbs Store151 Mott St # B - New York, NY 212-343-1600 Tribeca)quote an "Herbal" Sea bed's Nectar type jump off...the

point is's neither, or both, a basic math problem eluding to 343+1600=1943. I think it's an important year to high light, one of

the various myspaces' had a comment that mentioned that one of the characters loved Akira Kurosawa movies, which 1943 is when he

made his debut as a film maker. Along those same lines i came across a myriad of flicks from the land of the rising sun. Toho, another

name mentioned plenty o' times during this investigation also has a great deal of luggage for this flight, creator of Godzilla and all his

homies( well as other flicks i found through imdb, they all have

similar plots...(monster, destroys, homies, versus...etc). For this particular flick (1-18-08/"Clover-pills")hehe-the creators have definently,

done exhausting amounts of research, enough to rival my own efforts.The whole back story about Noriko, the whale non-sense,Ganu

"incredibly" finding the remnants of his mothers work...blah, blah, blah(i say blah because if you're still reading this, you already know the

points...).The correlation about the Chuai station and it's related type station all being conspicuously named after Japanese rulers...oddly

enough this particular one is named for a ruler that may or may not have existed...(mmmmm?)seeing as how theres very little to

substantiate his rule during his era.*Jeez, i feel like this is a disorientating dissortation*At any rate, the Tidowave connection is the

clincher, La Resitance style, they apparently know more than they post, legitimizing the site in my speculative eyes, I paid close attention

to the names of the people that post, btw, did anybody else find that animation on the front page a little disturbing, all it was missing was

sound effects, i woulda peedmahpants. My take on that is, Tido has previous knowledge about Tagruato (Oar At Gut for you

anagrammers) which is what i believe is the cause of all this mayhem. During one of these "sea excavating" activities, they may have struck

gold with the Nectar, and struck some prehistoric giant "bloop" producing sea creature that, in turn pursues the ship (the one that crashed

off the coast in the trailer), breaks dat sumbitch in half, and spills the freshly collected Nectar in the water, consumes, grows wreaks havoc

and there u have it. Where Rob comes in, is in his "lately" blogs he's being ridiculously cryptic, with lines like(all the quotes can be taken

out of context at the will of the reader) "I'm officially "launching" into a "full-blown" job "hunt". I've been putting the "feelers out" for the

past few weeks, but now it has "become abundantly clear to me" that I need to move on and try something else. "I've put in a lot of time

and effort only to be continuously misinterpreted or altogether unnoticed."(they're talking about us as fans) I'm not opposed to "leaving

New York", if that's what it takes. Don't get me wrong -- I love this city. But there are "certain elements that I need to get away from

before I lose my mind"(the worried look, Slusho anyone?) "I'm sick" of being the overlooked guy. "Sick of being pigeonholed as one thing,

when if you would just give me a chance, I know I can be so much more."(sounds very Happy Talkish?) You know how you can get "totally

absorbed with something", and because you are so "focused on that one thing, you miss out on (the) other" opportunities? "I now realize

that's what has been happening here." "Or maybe I've known it all along and have been living in denial"(hinting that he knows more),

clinging to that empty hope that things were going to get better. "That certain things were meant to happen." Well, whether those things

were meant to happen or not, they didn't. Not for me, at least. Sometimes, you need to give up. (quote the Robster*Rob+Lobster*i added

that for creative "flare")ugh...You Tired of reading yet? A few more points and i'm done, bare with me. Basically, the point of this particular

game is not to figure out what the monster is, that's not important, it's the effects of this Seabed Nectar, honeydew or wtf it is. In comes

Slusho, no the creatures not chasing Rob, Rob just knows about it, via the "feelers" hint: he's accpeted the offer to work for Slusho, (duh

with the "make ya own slusho-mercial plug") . We get to do what Rob never gets to, and that's marketting work for Slusho. BOINK...Now,

i'm not going to profess i know what the magic Nectar does, but u can mix it with liquor. Oh, and yes, homie was rockin his Slusho shirt?

Oh okay, so yeah, Rob gets mounts of Slusho gear, throws his bro a shirt, which he rocks. Awesome...his brother knows also, that's why

he's the first one to openly spazz out, saying "lets go to the roof". Yet when they come down to street level, he's nowhere around "Where's

Jason?".Teaser notes: in the big blue bright ass lights, like the ones on that one pic on the site. In the trailer,

they are rather abundant. I count, up to15 lights n my theory is the aggressors don't do the light thing, so they're using it as

a weapon. The medical bunker, is full of the ominous light, which leads me to believe it's actually safe inside the bunker. When the one

cool "blow her stomach up" piece happens, peep what kinda light is aminating, just a regular ole' 100 watt, then she explodes

*POOF*.Oh and the last note from the trailer is, the helicopter crashes at daybreak. We know the events happen through the night, so

they lasted til daybreak. The La resistance crew, left a note "Tips For the Field" in theory, that was a decent survival kit, they put together,

i believe, One'a Robs homies if not Rob himself, is with them. Anyway...these were the thoughts of someone who failed to take their meds,

for the overactive mind...Comments are required after this 30 minute read, cuz u already dedicated yourself to comment. If it isn't

already apparent, i will be seeing this movie, even at the expense of skippin out on med time in the crazy house. See you guys at

CLOVERFIELD...1-18-08. And it's huge, it's a lion...of a movie

Morphing...into one big contradiction
Planet Ten

P.S. Cloverfield is the new name for the destroyed city, cuz u can't rebuild that shit, after a monster comes from the sea and levels your

city, it'll jus grow more Nectar in the coming years as it rests under the sea, Sebastian/ Lil Mermaid style...

P.S.S. Oh yeah, wtf is this "warm towel" nonsense in the survival kit, no deodorant? toothbrush? clean water?

P.S.S.S And the slusho bots, probably have a secret recipe to reveal a easter egg...on the site, i'm not making one until i find out what the recipe is