Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3.95 - The One with the DELAY

I've been looking for Guitar Hero III for my XBox 360 for the last few weeks...stupid me didn't pre-order it...and I've had no luck. So I gave up and pre-ordered Rock Band instead. Instead of just having the guitar to play in the game...you have a drum kit and a microphone to sing along. You can also plug in another guitar to play the bass part. I was pretty excited for it. Rock Band was released in the US in November and it is supposed to be released in Canada on December 20th. Now I read on Joystiq that it has been pushed back another week to the 28th. So much for my plans to play it over Christmas...I guess it'll be fun for New Years. Many people believe that it's because the packaging, instructions, etc. have to be in French...I would think that the game publishers would have figured that all out already...I'm not impressed...