Monday, July 31, 2006

2.69 - The One where the vacation ends

it's just after 7:00 am...I've been up since 4:30 am...and I'm sitting in Port Columbus International Airport using their WiFi internet again. I've had a pretty fun couple weeks...Seattle was amazing, and Columbus is a neat city to visit. They have a lot of history here, also the home to Ohio State University known for it's football program. I visited the campus...and the 'shoe', their football stadium is huge. I also checked out CoSi, the Columbus Science Center, mainly because they had a Star Wars exhibit...something about where science fiction meets technology. They basically had a lot of props and costumes from the movies and a few things that are in use now that were inspired by the Star Wars movies. Golfing last Monday was different. I played at the Airport Golf Course which is across the street from the airport. From time to time you'll see planes coming in for a landing...and were they every close. I think if you take a lob wedge and just time it could hit one of the bigger planes.

Of course I went shopping...the best mall was the Easton Town Center...and it literally was set up as a town. With a town square, shops on the street, it's own trolly, and even security cars. It was quite an experience...I also dropped a bunch of money there. But the main reason for the Columbus trip was to watch Jarryd in the Jr. National All State Basketball Tournament. There are some pretty talented players out there. Jarryd's team lost all but one of their games...they were all close. If his team passed the ball...they would have been one of the best teams out there...but his team was mainly made up of individuals and played like that for most of the tournament. It's too bad...there were many times where Jarryd would just run up and down the floor and never get the ball...and when he did...he passed. One of the few players that looked to pass before shooting.

One thing I noticed about driving here in the States is the amount of police and accidents on the freeway. One evening driving back from the Hoop there were 3 people pulled over in a span of maybe 3 miles. On the first couple days I saw about 4 accidents, ranging from fender benders to one where firemen putting a fire out from a car. I don't get it...everyone drives slower than 65 MPH (100KPH) can you get pulled over? OR get in an accident? Crazy drivers...

in other news...the battery life for this laptop is extremely flight leaves at 10:30...time to get back to reality...and Canada...