Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2.60 - The One with the cube van

I'm coming back from Woodstock, ON....from a wedding...why else would I want to go there? I'm speeding along on the 401 in the fast lane and just outside of Guelph I was passing a convoy of vehicles which were transporting furniture and the sort. The lead vehicle was a large cube van. As I pass the cube van I look out my side window and strangely enough I see it move towards me...into my lane. The only thing I could do was drive into the shoulder (thankfully it was a wide one) and speed up to get infront of the van. As I pass the cab the driver is oblivious to what he just did. He looks over and sees me and then keeps driving...I never got to see his face when he realized what he did...but I'm sure it looked stupid.