Monday, July 03, 2006

2.56 - The One with the search

Ever google your name just to see what comes up? I typed in my name and the first link was my profile for the company I work for. That was pretty boring...#2 was a fan club for me...or someone with the name first and last name....that was pretty funny. But then again...kinda I tried one of my nicknames: TLam. That came up with Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile...that's more like it.

A bunch of us went to see Superman Returns today. I thought it was a good movie...not great, but a good movie. It played homage to the original two Superman movies (we try to forget about #'s 3 & 4). I still don't understand why no one can figure out that Clark Kent IS Superman? He doesn't look THAT different with his glasses on. OH...Superman slicks his hair back...Clark doesn't...Lois Lane...Pulitzer Award winning investigative reporter cannot put two and two together.

Speaking of deception...we also watched Anapolis tonight. I thought it was all about the Naval Academy and the trials or training and how tough it is. There were aspects of that throughout the movie...BUT it turned out to be a boxing movie. How a new recruit squares off against one of his superior officers in a heavyweight bout.

One last thing...Steve Yzerman made it official today annoucing his retirement from hockey...thanks for the memories.


L.Bo Marie said...

it's the little curl in the front that throws everyone off. somehow, his hair is a magical forcefield... protecting him from recognition.