Monday, July 24, 2006

2.67 - The One with White Castle

Ever see that movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle"? It's about 2 roomates trying to get to this fast food place called White Castle and everything that happens to them on the way. From Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser M.D. for those of you who didn't know) stealing their car, to running away from some crazy surfer dudes, hitching a ride on hang glider...they had quite a time getting to White Castle.

Jarryd and I were driving around Columbus looking for a place to eat lunch and we found a Tim Horton' OHIO!!! SWEET...ate there and looked across the street to see a White Castle. So for supper...we ventured off into the unknown to eat at White Castle. We went to a closer one and man was it good. You can order 20 burgers with 4 fries for $14.99. These are the tiny bite sized ones mnd you...but still a feat in itself to eat all that.

Jarryd & Titus Go to White Castle