Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2.57 - The One with the C.A.C.

Coalition Against Crocs - that's right...I'm speaking out on behalf of those who like their footwear. What kind of shoes you wear says a lot about you. I'm a shoe guy...I have many pairs for different occassions and events. For example: I have a pair of Doc Martins and a regular pair of dress shoes for a more formal occassion. For sandals a pair of Birks and a pair of Adidas flip flops for an event that I could get wet...cuz wet Birks...slimy and disgusting. Can't forget the many sporting shoes that I have: a few pairs of basketball shoes, golf shoes, cleats for baseball and soccer, cross trainers, Adidas Superstars...and I have a pair of brown suede Merrells, which I love.

Most importantly...I don't own a pair of Crocs...and will never own a pair. I've tried them on...yes they are comfortable...but OH MY GOODNESS UGLY. Who's with me?


Emily said...

hahaha...I looked at a pair today. I don't quite get the phenomenon. They're RUBBER shoes...better than a rubber boot because they have ventilation holes, but certainly no longer WATER PROOF. Your foot would definitely sweat in them...and then start slidding around. In their favour, they do stay PUT on your foot because of the sling-back which is pretty nifty, but I wouldn't buy a pair. Unless I was a gardener, which I'm not. Or if I were a clam-digger, which I will never be. So the Crocs are out.

See ya later, Aligator.
In a while, Crocodile.

L.Bo Marie said...

Baby Kate says that crocs are the sign of the beast... there was a mix up in one of the translations... it's not 666.

I'm leaning towards agreeing.

~ robin ~ said...

i am so with you. i hate those things and i laugh at people who've fallen into their trend.