Thursday, July 20, 2006

2.64 - The One with the city of coffee

Yesterday Tomo took me on a tour of downtown Seattle. It's quite a city...from Pike Place market, to the Space Needle to the original Starbucks store...Seattle is a beautiful city to visit. Here are a few pics:

Pike Place Market - home of the world famous Pike Place Fish Company

The Pike Place Fish Company

Lots of flowers for sale...and for cheap too...this is where I'd buy my flowers for that special somebody...I think this bouquet was $10

Space aged port-a-potty - on the side of the street

If you've ever played any of the Gran Turismo games - this is where you start when you race the Seattle circut

two posers standing outside a fine hambuger joint

Pier 70 - this pic is for you Trav...they filmed the 'Real World' here one season

Ahhh the Space Needle - constructed for the 1962's World's Fair. Other than being a tourists attraction, it serves no other purpose.

Key Arena - This is where the recently sold Sonics and Stom play

The Seattle skyline from 520 feet above - Mt. Rainier is in the background

This is from 'the view' on Highland Drive

I couldn't resist taking this picture

Monorail, monorail, monorail...mono

Qwest Field - home of the 2005 NFC Champions Seattle Seagulls...I mean Seahawks

Safeco Field - Home of the Mariners