Friday, April 28, 2006

2.39 - The One with the 26th year

Well...I've made it through the first onto the next. To celebrate a few of my biddies and I are gonna hit the golf course for a short round of 9...can't wait. The funny thing is...this is the first year that I can remember that it didn't have rain in the forecast. For the first 25 years it rained, even snowed wherever I was on my of precipitation. It may be +8 but no rain...and no rain means sunny skies on the golf course. Maybe the next 25 years will be rain free on this date...highly unlikely...but there's hoping.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2.38 - The One with the mystery drink

ok...who else is noticing this? While watching American Idol tonight, Paula was up to her usual cheery self...encouraging the contestants even though they didn't sing all that well. But when Simon was talking she went crazy...talking giberish and acting even crazier than usual. Is it me or has she gone off the deepend? She was fine in season one and two...but ever since then it seems like it's getting worse...she even got emotional and cried while she was giving her advice. What's really in the Coke glass she's drinking out of?

Monday, April 24, 2006

2.37 - The One when grandma calls again

If you remember back to episode 2.22 - The One when grandma calls a dear old lady left me a message on my answering machine. Tonight I checked and guess what? I got another message!! This time she wants to let me know that she got all the stuff I requested for my gift...and she's got money for me. WOW...too bad she's not really my grandma.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

2.36 - The One with the birthday movies

Hollywood movies generally premiere on Fridays...unless its a HUGE blockbuster and they release on Wednesday to make all the money that they can. This Friday being my birthday I was checking out what was coming out...and to my dismay...all of the movies (save one) fall under the must miss category. Who really wants to see 'RV' with Robin Williams? Sure I like Robin Williams, but this flick looks ridiculous. OH and from the people that brought you 'Bring it On', comes 'Stick It' with Jeff Bridges? C'mon...the only potential one to see is 'United 83'...a real-time drama about the fourth hijacked plane on September 11th and the passengers who fought back. Well M:I:3 comes out next week...I suppose that's one to look forward's too bad Tom Cruise went crazy...

Friday, April 21, 2006

2.35 - The One with fun in the sun

GOtta love it when it's April and 20+ degress outside. Yesterday...although I was working during the day, I made an effort to spend most of my day outside in the sun. Which can only lead to one perma-tan will just get better...yes I know you are jealous...but it's one of the perks that us Asian people have...the ones who go and spend time outside that is.

Now to get time in for a round of golf...the driving range is fun...but its time for some good ole golfing...who's with me?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

2.34 - The One with the elimination

ATTENTION ALL LEAF FANS: you're season is over...your team again WILL NOT win the it's time to stop talking about it. Although I must commend you for stomping all over the Sens tonight...that was impressive.

Tips for next year:

  1. get a real coach
  2. get a real starting goalie
  3. make sure Sundin and McCabe don't go anywhere
  4. get rid of Lindros, Allison, Tucker and Domi
  5. play the young guys...what are you gonna loose? It's not like you'll win the cup anytime soon.
  6. drop the Leafs and cheer for another'll feel much better

these are my picks for the Final Four:
in the West: Calgary and Detroit
in the East: Ottawa and Carolina

the Stanley Cup winner will come from the West...let the real season begin!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

2.33 - The One with the Anniversary

It occurred to me today, that its been a year since I started this blogging thing...and 124 posts later (including this one), I'm still here...blogging away. Not too much has changed with my blog from a year ago...I did a graphical change...I dropped the high rotation on my iPod list...that's about it. I haven't thought of what else I can add to my blog...time will tell.

Time for some sad/good/happy/blog/and hero worthy news.

First the sad:

Me and a team of 11 or 12 were planning on going to Romania in the summer for a missions trip. It would have been my second time going...BUT...due to lack of airplane tickets...we can't go, the trip got cancelled. God closes some doors but opens others...maybe next year.

Good News:

It was warm enough last week that I could hit the driving range...I loved every minute of it...haven't had the time to play an actual round of golf...but that's what I want to do on my birthday....which is on the 28th of this month....hint...hint...

Blog News:

Van Dan has joined the dark side and started a're next Trav-Who

Happy News:

Today...the 13th marks Trav-Who's 24th year on this planet!! whoohoo!!! the 14th is Rebecca, and Julia's birthday...and the 15th is Darrien's.

Hero Worthy:

ok I'm sure that Lesley will blog about this...but I'm going to beat her to the punch...Harryoke (slimy/sleezy guy that comes to karaoke to check out the ladies...he's like 45+...he also hits the 'Y' and walks around the weight room with a towel over his neck and hits on all the females there) was talking to Lesley...and would NOT go away. Dalton turns to me and says, "how do we save Lesley? She doesn't have her phone on her...." To which I come up a brilliant plan,"Call my cell and I'll pass it off to her..." So in his sneakiness, Dalton escapes from the table and I get a phone call a couple minutes later...answering and of course putting on my Oscar worthy performance...I act in a way that the phone call is for her...I pass it off...she's puzzled...and the grins when she figures out what just happened. She got up and left the table and left Harry standing there wondering what just went on. That's right Harry...YOU GOT PUNK'D!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

2.32 - The One with all the yelling

Ever meet someone that talks extremely loud all the time? One of our clients at the office is like that...he was there today telling his stories, trying to paint a picture of how superior he is. Something about this disagreement he had with a prof at the military college he went to...and it escalated to a fist fight with a fellow student...I really wasn't apying too much attention, but he got louder and louder and more animated...swearing every other word, you'd think you were at a Chris Rock stand up gig. The problem wasn't funn at all. I'm not sure how my boss puts up with him...perhpas its the large cheque he cuts us every month..

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2.31 - The One with the random stuff

what a random day...everything happened as per usual...but then there were some random things thrown into the mix...just to make it's my list for today:

  • Wimpy's was very busy for's never that busy. Half of the restaurant was full.
  • I got the hiccups...
  • oh my personal snowed...
  • I got the hiccups again
  • they didn't I know how Manda feels...maybe
  • Lesley has a stalker...
  • ...and it isn't Angeus...too bad
  • Tim Horton's was out of those new Chocolate Carmel Donuts

ok, so maybe my day wasn't as random as I thought it to be...did I mention that it snowed?

Monday, April 03, 2006

2.30 - The One with all the blocks

ummm...that wasn't much of a Championship game. Joakim Noah dominated on both ends of the floor. He tied and then broke the record for blocks in the final game with 6. UCLA couldn't do anything to stop only concern is that poop-stash that he's got going on....ya that's gotta go...but who am I to judge one of the best college players this year?

In other news, V for Vendetta...amazing movie...if you haven't seen it...highly recommended. Oh ya...I'd like to congratulate Van E for buying an will serve you well.