Sunday, April 23, 2006

2.36 - The One with the birthday movies

Hollywood movies generally premiere on Fridays...unless its a HUGE blockbuster and they release on Wednesday to make all the money that they can. This Friday being my birthday I was checking out what was coming out...and to my dismay...all of the movies (save one) fall under the must miss category. Who really wants to see 'RV' with Robin Williams? Sure I like Robin Williams, but this flick looks ridiculous. OH and from the people that brought you 'Bring it On', comes 'Stick It' with Jeff Bridges? C'mon...the only potential one to see is 'United 83'...a real-time drama about the fourth hijacked plane on September 11th and the passengers who fought back. Well M:I:3 comes out next week...I suppose that's one to look forward's too bad Tom Cruise went crazy...