Saturday, April 15, 2006

2.34 - The One with the elimination

ATTENTION ALL LEAF FANS: you're season is over...your team again WILL NOT win the it's time to stop talking about it. Although I must commend you for stomping all over the Sens tonight...that was impressive.

Tips for next year:

  1. get a real coach
  2. get a real starting goalie
  3. make sure Sundin and McCabe don't go anywhere
  4. get rid of Lindros, Allison, Tucker and Domi
  5. play the young guys...what are you gonna loose? It's not like you'll win the cup anytime soon.
  6. drop the Leafs and cheer for another'll feel much better

these are my picks for the Final Four:
in the West: Calgary and Detroit
in the East: Ottawa and Carolina

the Stanley Cup winner will come from the West...let the real season begin!


travwho said...

I think I detect a little western bias happening here and it's a little unsetteling.. Wait ..NO! thats just the wings from last night... nevermind!

Crilly said...

First of all I think you're selling San Jose a little short. If they don't get to the finals, they'll definately make it to the semi's.
And about changing teams to cheer for, there's nothing worse than a band wagon jumper. I may not like the team you cheer for, but at least you've stuck by your team. That's why Toronto is still my team.

L.Bo Marie said...

ok, where's this secret "boy blog"?