Thursday, April 13, 2006

2.33 - The One with the Anniversary

It occurred to me today, that its been a year since I started this blogging thing...and 124 posts later (including this one), I'm still here...blogging away. Not too much has changed with my blog from a year ago...I did a graphical change...I dropped the high rotation on my iPod list...that's about it. I haven't thought of what else I can add to my blog...time will tell.

Time for some sad/good/happy/blog/and hero worthy news.

First the sad:

Me and a team of 11 or 12 were planning on going to Romania in the summer for a missions trip. It would have been my second time going...BUT...due to lack of airplane tickets...we can't go, the trip got cancelled. God closes some doors but opens others...maybe next year.

Good News:

It was warm enough last week that I could hit the driving range...I loved every minute of it...haven't had the time to play an actual round of golf...but that's what I want to do on my birthday....which is on the 28th of this month....hint...hint...

Blog News:

Van Dan has joined the dark side and started a're next Trav-Who

Happy News:

Today...the 13th marks Trav-Who's 24th year on this planet!! whoohoo!!! the 14th is Rebecca, and Julia's birthday...and the 15th is Darrien's.

Hero Worthy:

ok I'm sure that Lesley will blog about this...but I'm going to beat her to the punch...Harryoke (slimy/sleezy guy that comes to karaoke to check out the ladies...he's like 45+...he also hits the 'Y' and walks around the weight room with a towel over his neck and hits on all the females there) was talking to Lesley...and would NOT go away. Dalton turns to me and says, "how do we save Lesley? She doesn't have her phone on her...." To which I come up a brilliant plan,"Call my cell and I'll pass it off to her..." So in his sneakiness, Dalton escapes from the table and I get a phone call a couple minutes later...answering and of course putting on my Oscar worthy performance...I act in a way that the phone call is for her...I pass it off...she's puzzled...and the grins when she figures out what just happened. She got up and left the table and left Harry standing there wondering what just went on. That's right Harry...YOU GOT PUNK'D!!


Emily said...

Nice blog, Titus. I like the 'hero worthy' bit...very sneaky. Of course, you could have just gone up to Les and said you needed to speak to her for a moment...but what with all of that technology at your disposal, I suppose you did the next best thing!!

~ robin ~ said...

happy anniversary!

sorry to hear about your cancelled missions trip - God will definiately open up other doors!

T said...

if I went up to would have been very it was more fun the way we did it....very covert

L.Bo Marie said...

it was beautifully done.. I will admit.. hero for the MONTH status, no less!

travwho said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! All the best in the coming years!?!?... And thanks for the nice birthday wishes.. Harry isn't sucha bad guy, (granted a bit... OK... A LOT Creepy) but not too bad (perhaps thats because I am clearly NOT the object of his Desires.. ahemmm... Lesley...) I think God may have closed the door on Romania and opened the door on New York City! *hint*
And about the blog thing.. not so much.. I have more fun responding to everyone elses!