Sunday, February 05, 2006

2.12 - The One with the left handed strike

After the Dock we decided to go bowling...I really suck at this game. I'm lucky if I get 100. So my first game I bowled with my right hand...i think I got 65...pretty brutal I strikes in that game...maybe 1 spare. Second game, first frame I used my left hand...STRIKE....I can't say I did much better...I scored a 90 something using my left hand the entire game. Perhaps if I started to care about bowling I'd do much better...somehow I don't think that's ever ging to happen.

My Super Bowl XL predictions: the pregame show will be oh so boring, Mick Jagger will trip and fall during the Half Time Show, and Steelers by 3.


travwho said...

I hate to brag, but I think I had the play of the Night with the Backwards underlegged strike

L.Bo Marie said...

really.. that was the best play TravWho.. well done!